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The Foundational Elements of our Business.

Ongoing relationships work better than one-off engagements. We don’t stop thinking about our partners’ messaging. We just keep thinking. It allows us to help with marketing, sales, and even product strategy. With a relationship, there is no one-size-fits-all. We adapt. We evolve. We test. We learn. We grow together.

The following are the foundational elements of the programs we put together with our partners.

Partnership Program

Our partner program started off as In View Membership – basically a subscription program to Rob Beeler’s insights on the marketplace. In View remains, but it has evolved in the past 6 months. Our partners on a weekly basis are going to get insight into the discussions we are creating and facilitating. It ranges from relevant slack conversations to exclusive survey results to insights from publisher-only conversations. The partnership program is a two-way conversation. We work with our partners on how to be included into conversations they should be a part of. 

It isn’t the easiest program to define. What we do know is that it’s paying off for our partners. On a monthly basis, we’re helping bring in business and providing ideas for how to navigate this new world of B2B marketing. It’s like having Rob Beeler and his team on your sales, product, and marketing teams for less than what you’d pay an intern. 

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Get your product seen in the way publishers want to see them: First Impressions.

Your potential clients want to know what your product does. They want to see it in action. First Impressions is a secure library of recorded demos of ad tech solutions. Think of First Impressions as an ad tech unboxing video. More importantly, it gives Beeler.Tech a way to continually get your product and name in front of prospects.

Join the ranks of such companies as:

  • DoubleVerify
  • FatTail
  • Burt
  • Clipcentric
  • Hashtag Labs
  • Airtory
  • and more!
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Crowdsourced Consulting

People want more than someone to facilitate a conversation. They want someone to drive the conversation to something useful for them. Sponsors want this as well. Rob Beeler has established over the last decade that he  is among the best at making the investment of time worthwhile. No one brings more energy to these conversations and with it, attendee engagement. Rethink how you think of about events and what they can accomplish.
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Message Amplification

If you know what you want to tell the marketplace, you need a way to tell it. Beeler.Tech knows how to be heard. We have a variety of ways to tell a story or create a conversation and if those won’t work, we create new ways to accomplish yourthat goal.

Be Heard

Consulting/Marketing Services.

Trying to get your product in front of an operational-focused audience? We'll help you develop your go to marketing strategy and even help you create opportunities. It all starts with an email.

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