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Beeler.Cast Episode 5: Rob Beeler

This isn't an interview but instead the audio recording of a presentation I gave at adPushup's Programmatic Meetup 2020 back in October. The session  was labeled "the programmatic publisher" and was described as A glance at how publishing is changing. Working in not a just programmatic-only, but a programmatic-driven environment. Forecasting the evolution of responsibilities for programmatic pros going forward.

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Data Aggregation and Data Visualization Strategies for 2021

Beeler.Tech recently hosted a PubsOnly call to talk about data visualization. It might be a super busy Q4, but enough publishers are actively considering their options when it comes to data visualization partners, that a call felt warranted.

The conversation itself was focused on the pros and cons of various top level data viz solutions in the marketplace based on people's experiences. We're going to actually add some recommendations from publishers from that call to our First Impressions library. The library already has product demos of DoubleVerify and Burt which are available to publishers, but now we are also adding what publishers have to say about specific tech.

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Being Everywhere

A Conversation with WWE's Matt Fishman, by Rob Beeler

I had the opportunity to catch up with Matt Fishman, Director of Digital Strategy and Ad Operations at WWE. He is responsible for the planning team and the campaign delivery team and is involved in forecasting and revenue recognition for the sales and partnership team. It’s a big role at a big company and I heard he was up to something interesting.

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Beeler.Cast Episode 4: Walter Knapp

Beeler talks with Sovrn CEO Walter Knapp and talk through their strategy and what's really important to publishers: independence.

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Beeler.Cast Episode 3: Neal Thurman and Dan Rua

Beeler talks with Neal Thurman (Coalition for Better Ads / Brand Safety Institute) and Dan Rua (Admiral) about their call for participation in a pilot program. We talk about ad blocking, better ad experiences and a new segment: "To Catch an Ad Blocker".

Link to the pilot program:…rs-with-admiral

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Beeler.Cast Episode 2: Sonali Verma

Predictive Paywalls could change the way we think of subscriptions, reg walls and advertising revenue. Sonali Verma from The Globe & Mail walks through their journey to a Machine Learning led way to interact with users.

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First Impressions: DoubleVerify


Publisher Only: It's been a few months since the launch of the DoubleVerify Publisher Suite. Let's find out what's changed, what's working and what's on the roadmap.

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a good Ops/Dev relationship is a differentiator and a revenue generator. If the walls go up, you need to bring them down and establish a good way to work together. Maybe it’s the New Jersey in me, but I’ll take E-ZPass every time.

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First Impressions: Clipcentric


Publisher Only: The Clipcentric Ad Studio is a powerful platform for the production and management of premium digital display advertisements. Beeler gets a tour. Condensed and Full recordings available.

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Boosting Margins

A Conversation with Complex Networks' John Price

I’ve known John Price, SVP of Revenue Operations of Complex Networks since the start. His first job in the industry was actually working with me. Now I find myself learning from him about the best way to build a process that keeps margins in mind throughout.

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First Impressions: Burt


Publisher Only: Automated Data Management and Personalized Insights, empowering ad sales and operations to make quick, confident decisions.

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Beeler.Cast Episode 1: Warren Zenna

What makes a good CRO? A CRO-ready company that is aligned on long term strategy. Pilot episode of Beeler.Cast!

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First Impressions: Hashtag Labs


Publisher Only: Hashtag Labs Inc. is proud to present HTL BID, the most comprehensive Ad Management System for publishers on the market today.

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A Care Package for Publishers just in time for Q4

I received an email from OAO about a care package – a group of low-lift revenue generating partnerships that they've assembled to help publishers this quarter and beyond.

I reached out to Craig Leshen, President of OAO to learn more about the care package and what brought it about.

Contact [email protected] to learn more about the OAO care package.

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