Distilling Conversations into Insights.

The Beeler.Tech In View Membership is a marketing research subscription produced for companies in the digital advertising technology space. The subscription grants access to exclusive content to provide marketing, product and sales insights to help subscribers grow their businesses.
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What is In View Membership?

Rob Beeler interacts weekly with hundreds of publishers, agencies, brands and solution providers in the digital advertising space. His focus in all of these interactions is to create conversations that forward the industry. The In View Membership program is designed to share weekly insights on what Rob is discussing and what that might mean for your marketing efforts, product development and sales outreach. For publishers, it’ll provide strategic concepts to incorporate into your business plans.

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Publisher Strategy

Few have been at publisher ad ops as long as Rob Beeler. Two decades of experience plus a finger on the pulse of the industry equals a unique perspective to share with publishers on how to navigate an overly complex industry.

Marketing/Sales for Solution Providers

Knowing what is top of mind for your audience is critical to success. The key to any sale is having a reason to chat with prospects and clients. In View Membership will give you something to talk about.

Product Development for Solution Providers

When operations people talk, they talk about where they need help. In View Membership will share areas of opportunity to develop solutions that will be welcomed by your clients.

Brands, Agencies & Investors

The focus on In View is on publisher ad operations and their solution providers. Brands, agencies and investors are going to gain a perspective they aren't getting in the trades. Get the inside track.

What Members Get:

  • Weekly updates on the top topics of discussion in the Beeler.Tech universe.
  • Some updates are just the "seeds" of ideas for you and your team to build upon. 
  • Some updates are full reports to help inform publishers and providers move forward.
  • Interviews with industry VIPs discussing how they work with providers as well as the trends/topics they care about the most.

A Forrester Report Never Made You Laugh.

Membership includes these additional benefits:

  • Invitation to exclusive events
  • Access to Beeler.Tech office hours
  • Consultation on Concepts (for a preferred rate)
  • Preferred pricing on marketing services.

Note: Membership is a corporate level subscription. We will request to speak to the decision makers in your company to discuss pricing.

It's like having Rob Beeler on your sales, product and marketing teams for less than what you'd pay an intern.

Who wouldn't want that?