First Impressions:

Unboxing Ad Tech  

First Impressions is a library of ad tech demonstration videos. Beeler.Tech walks through a company's product or service so you can see it in action. 

Our Goal: Educate potential buyers of product and service features. In the process, we hope to speed up the buying decision process for all parties.


We're adding customer recommendations to the library!

“As someone who takes vendor exploratory calls often...

I found First Impressions to be very effective. It was great to get a deeper dive on my own time (more than you learn from looking at a vendor’s website) before having to jump on a call with the actual vendor to hear their pitch. Big fan!”

- Sean Halbmaier, PGA TOUR

More Demo, Less PowerPoint

Save the presentation deck for the client call: people want to see the product in action. We walk through the product asking questions you might not think to ask. We even provide most recordings in condensed versions so you can quickly get the flavor of what the product does.

Solution Providers

Get your product seen in the way publishers want to see them: First Impressions.

Your potential clients want to know what your product does. They want to see it in action.  First Impressions recordings are housed on Beeler.Tech in a secure library. We control who has access to the recordings – only prospective clients can see your videos. Your competitors won't have access. That is, unless you don’t care. At that point, we’ll work with you to market the demo to the world.
Every time we add a new recording and market it, all the existing recordings benefit. It gives Beeler.Tech a way to continually get your product and name in front of prospects.
Let's talk.

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First Impressions for Publishers

First Impressions are recordings of ad tech solution provider products and services. Not sure if you want to take a call with someone? Not sure if you'll ask all the right questions? Create an account and once you're approved you'll have access. We'll also notify you when we add additional content. The list is small, but growing monthly!

Latest Videos Below

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First Impressions: Pushly


Publishers Only: As first-party data becomes even more important and identity is a hot topic, our industry finds itself considering our audience even more. Pushly fits into that conversation. You'll need a Beeler.Tech account.

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First Impressions: DoubleVerify


Publishers Only: It's been a few months since the launch of the DoubleVerify Publisher Suite. Let's find out what's changed, what's working and what's on the roadmap. You'll need a Beeler.Tech account.

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First Impressions: Clipcentric


Publishers Only: The Clipcentric Ad Studio is a powerful platform for the production and management of premium digital display advertisements. Beeler gets a tour. Condensed and Full recordings available. You'll need a Beeler.Tech account.

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First Impressions: Burt


Publishers Only: Automated Data Management and Personalized Insights, empowering ad sales and operations to make quick, confident decisions. You'll need a Beeler.Tech account.

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First Impressions: Hashtag Labs


Publishers Only: Hashtag Labs Inc. is proud to present HTL BID, the most comprehensive Ad Management System for publishers on the market today. You'll need a Beeler.Tech account.

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