No one executes better on the concept of consulting through community. Beeler.Tech is built on the concept that peer-level conversations will drive the digital media and advertising industry. Beeler.Tech creates communities, helps them grow and realize their full potential.

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The Beeler.Tech Community

Beeler.Tech (which consists of Rob Beeler and a team of like-minded partners)  believes that there must be more efficient ways to transfer knowledge in the ever-changing industries of digital media, advertising and marketing technology. These industries rely on a particular type of individual to make them work – people who on a day-to-day basis are asked to solve an increasingly complex set of puzzles. These people need resources to help them with their responsibilities but also their careers.
We refer to these people as “ad ops” or “ad operations” but these projects are not just for people who have those words in their title. If anything, job titles are not a good representation for a person’s responsibilities. We’re looking for people who actually want to understand how the sausage is made in digital advertising and marketing. We’re hoping to help facilitate conversations for this community for the benefit of all.

AdMonsters is the global leader in strategic insight on the future of digital media and advertising technology.

Rob Beeler is and advisor for AdMonsters, consulting on event strategy and making it the best conference in the industry.

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Beer, Ad Ops & Ad Tech

Bringing the world's top publishers, broadcasters, ad agencies, and ad technology companies together on a monthly basis in cities around the world.

Rob Beeler is Chief Conversation Starter for BA&A.

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