Publisher Revenue

Base Camp: Boulder, CO

May 1 - 4, 2022


The right people in the right place at the right time.

We are bringing together the most influential people in publisher advertising operations for 3 days of collaboration. We endeavor to change the digital advertising industry for publishers.

Base Camp and related events are invite only. That doesn't mean you can't ask.

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RevOpEx: Boulder, CO

May 1 - 4, 2022

The right people at the right place at the right time.

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Who's Invited?

Influential Senior Publisher Business Professionals. The event is by design for a small group (90 max) of people focused on working the problem of making advertising supporting publishing thrive despite the many challenges they face. By bringing this group together, we expect to bring a shift to the overall industry toward publisher empowerment. If this sounds like you, submit your info below for consideration.

VIPs. We don't call them sponsors because we're breaking down those walls. Our VIPs will be a part of the event without forced interactions or meetings. Our VIPs will be privy to conversations that will shape their products and services and they'll leave with stronger relationships with the publisher community. If this sounds like you, submit your info for consideration.

More than a conference.

  • Campers will be invited to a series of calls before and after Boulder. Forty minutes on a topic is not enough time to affect real change.
  • 100% Free of Sponsor-Paid Sessions. No ads.
  • Panels? Not here.
  • Fluid agenda driven by attendees.
  • Time to network, time to relax, time to explore.
  • Campers will meet everyone else at the event in non-creepy ways.
  • The sooner you can commit, the sooner you help shape the event.

Agenda Overview

  1. At this point, attendees should refer to the "One Stop Doc" for event details and agenda.
  2. Bring proof of vaccination with you.
  3. Check shuttle schedule unless you've made other arrangements.
  4. Opening reception is 6pm on Sunday night. Conference concludes at 1pm on Wednesday.

Conference  Kickoff

The Talent Crisis: You’re Optimizing with an Incomplete Dataset.

The year is 2265 and you’re the recruiter for the Starship Enterprise. The only role that is filled is that of Captain James T. Kirk. You’re lucky, everyone wants to work on the Enterprise so you can have your pick of candidates. Who do you hire?

Join former trailblazer in the Ad Operations world Joanna Bloor as she has a chat with all of us about hiring and talent in the 21st Century and how we might, as she says, be looking at an incomplete data set. She suggests that by using our current methods we’re missing out on not only the best person for the role but the ability to create a team that will “boldly go where no man has gone before”. 

Inspiration Time

Dreaming Up and Making the Impossible Happen with Randall Reeves

What never changes about our industry is the ever-present need to make the impossible and never been done before happen. Sometimes we wonder why we do it. This is why we’ve invited the winner of the 2020 Blue Water Medal winner to share the story of his crazy dream and his adventures in making it come true. One that had him 8 months beyond the sight of land, 306 days at sea, 40,000 miles, countless storms, all alone to complete the Figure 8 Voyage. 


Prepared to be inspired by someone who never gave up on his goals and owned it to the end. 

Agenda Nitty-Gritty – The Big Topics

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