Publisher Revenue Base Camp:

Boulder, CO

May 1 - 4, 2022

The right people at the right place at the right time.

We are bringing together the most influential people in publisher advertising operations for 3 days of collaboration. We endeavor to change the digital advertising industry.

The event is invitation only.

Invited? You'll get a link by email to register for the event and access additional event information.

RevOpEx: Boulder, CO

May 1 - 4, 2022

The right people at the right place at the right time.

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Location: St Julien Hotel & Spa Boulder, CO

Sunday, May 1st: Evening Reception

Monday, May 2nd: Full Day

Tuesday, May 3rd: Full Day

Wednesday, May 4th: Half Day



Who's Invited?

Influential Senior Publisher Ad Operations Professionals. The event is by design for a small group (75 max) of people focused on working the problem of making advertising supporting publishing thrive despite the many challenges they face. By bringing this group together, we expect to bring a shift to the overall industry toward publisher empowerment. If this sounds like you, submit your info below for consideration.

VIPs. We don't call them sponsors because we're breaking down those walls. Our VIPs will be a part of the event without forced interactions or meetings. Our VIPs will be privy to conversations that will shape their products and services and they'll leave with stronger relationships with the publisher community. If this sounds like you, submit your info for consideration.

What else can we tell you at this point?

  • WE WILL CHANGE THE INDUSTRY. Maybe not in 3 days, but we're going to plot a path forward for top publishers to succeed.
  • It's going to be awesome, super informative and fun.
  • It'll be a mix of full group, breakouts and small huddles on focused topics.
  • Our attendees and VIPs will set the agenda, no pay-to-play presentations.
  • Time to network, time to relax, time to explore.
  • We’re going to encourage people to come in early which will lead to more opportunities to network and share experiences. Golfing. Hiking. Enjoying all the Boulder has to offer.
  • The sooner you can commit, the sooner you help shape the event.
  • Did I mention it's going to be fun? And informative? And awesome?

I'd like to be invited!