Data Aggregation and Data Visualization Strategies for 2021

strategy Nov 15, 2020

Beeler.Tech recently hosted a PubsOnly call to talk about data visualization. It might be a super busy Q4, but enough publishers are actively considering their options when it comes to data visualization partners, that a call felt warranted.

The conversation itself was focused on the pros and cons of various top level data viz solutions in the marketplace based on people's experiences. We're going to actually add some recommendations from publishers from that call to our First Impressions library. The library already has product demos of DoubleVerify and Burt which are available to publishers, but now we are also adding what publishers have to say about specific tech.

What emerged for me through the conversation is that as we all know, each publisher has their own unique requirements. This is especially true when it comes to data visualization because a number of factors about the business will ultimately drive the strategy. My thought of the best way to think about what solution...

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