What goes better together than cookies and milk?

Jun 07, 2021

The bigger question: how will milk feel when cookies are gone?

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  • 100% of anything purchased in the store (Beeler.Tech or TD Foundation) now through June 30th. 
  • After June 30th, TD Foundtation proceeds all go to TD, but we'll be looking for other charities to support as well.


Inside the Decision - Selecting a Monetization Platform - June 15th @ 12pm ET - Register Now!

A monetization platform should be measured by more than programmatic CPMs. Let's discuss what a true monetization platform looks like.

On Tuesday, June 15, Zeus Technology & Beeler.Tech will present the next event in our Publisher Roundtable Series: Inside the Decision - Selecting a Monetization Platform. A monetization platform should be more than a header bidding wrapper. It should take into account all of your users. It should take into account all of your advertisers – direct and programmatic. I'll be discussing with this panel what to look for into a monetization platform and into a partner. Join me when I talk with:

  • Lori Tavoularis, CRO/ EVP, Revenue Operations, Digital at Nextstar Media
  • CJ Jacobs, Head of Product & Technology at MediaNews Group
  • Gary Smith, Vice President Advertising at The Seattle Times
  • Jason Tollestrup, Vice President, Programmatic Strategy and Yield at The Washington Post
  • Jeff Turner, Director, Head of Commercial Product at The Washington Post

At this event, which will be livestreamed from Washington, D.C., the best and brightest programmatic media experts will explain how the right monetization platform can dramatically transform a publisher’s entire digital ecosystem. This will be a publisher only event.  Register Today!



Partners: Week 21 of In View has been posted. Log in to Beeler.Tech to see.

(reply if you want to know what "In View" means)


Slack Convos with Publishers on Beeler.Tech

  • Back to the office?
  • What do you call your team?
  • Cannabis ads?
  • New questions about ads.txt, prebid, GAM, etc.

If you're a publisher, it's not too late to join the conversation. DM for details! Note: partners get a summary of these discussions. Become a partner.

Giving credit where credit is due: Great Content We Liked this Week



Beeler.Tech Virtual Happy Hour - the one with a man, a leafblower and a pool

Just a typical happy hour: America's Funniest Home Videos comes to the happy hour!

Registration is open for Q2 dates. Yes, we're still going!

Word of the week: rigmarole <- pretty much the definition of our industry

Events coming up

(all times ET unless otherwise noted)

This is just a sample of our full list. Email us at [email protected] to add your events.


Whispers of Jobs not listed yet. 

(jobs/gigs that we don't have a link for but know are out there. - email us for details)

  • Just got this email: " Sr / Director of Sales: Know anyone that's looking for a new gig at the Sr individual contributor level? I know someone that's looking to hire."
  • "I am having a difficult time recruiting for media planning positions and just wanted to put the word out if you hear of anyone looking."

Job Listings - Let's get these jobs filled!


Job Seekers – help them find their next big break!

If you are actively looking for a new gig, we should have you in our job seekers section! But for those of you just thinking about your next move, the job seeker’s post allows you to gather and share your thoughts on what you want your next move to be. It can open up conversations and help you get a feel for the market. Take a look at the postings, write something up and send it to us. Nicholas will find you a snazzy graphic, post your description to the site and then promote on social. Let us help you!

Job Seeker #69: This Chicago based individual is a multimedia operations executive who has built successful global teams in digital media, advertising, video-on-demand, and content management. He was one of the early pioneers in digital advertising on the publisher side leading advertising operations, client services and account management for several “non-traditional” publishers in the broadcasting, travel, aviation, entertainment and telecommunications industries. These are publishers where the primary revenue stream is not always digital advertising but where digital advertising is an ancillary part of their overall revenue plan. His expertise spans both B2B and B2C global brands where he has built international teams and collaborations across internal and external cross-functional stakeholders. He was recently part of a mass layoff related to economic challenges stemming from the global pandemic and its impact on the travel industry. He is launching a job search focused on securing a leadership position in an operational role as SVP Marketing, Marketing, Advertising Operations and/or Technology (Martech / Adtech), CMO or COO where he can continue to be data-driven and result orientated. He focuses his energy seeking opportunities for continuous improvement while evolving the business for consistent revenue growth against P&L objectives.

If you are looking to fill an open role, review our job seekers, we may have the perfect person for you. Send us a note and we’ll make the introduction!

Final Thoughts?

Lots going on, ya know?

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