Week Two O' 22: Lake Superior State University can't blame us

articles Jan 10, 2022

According to this article, Lake Superior State University’s published their annual list of terms that people are sick of hearing. Coming in at number 9: You're on Mute.

Well, it's not our fault. We haven't said "you're on mute" for quite some time.

Wait, what? No worries, I was just asking for a friend. That being said, this is the new normal and until the supply chain is back in order, we're going to have to circle back at the end of the day and take a deep dive into the matter. 

Okay, going on mute now.

We love the topic: The joy of story telling. We love partnering with the Minority Report Podcast. We love the name of Suneet's company, Boldr, because it's an easy segue to....

Be Boulder in 2022

I told you there would be bad Boulder puns from now until May 1st. Here's the latest:
  • The event is invite-only, but that doesn't mean you can't raise your hand to be involved. 
  • The first call has been scheduled to discuss the goal of the event. The agenda has been set as well. 
  • The first pass at the event itinerary and agenda will be released this week on the website, slack and through email.
  • Registration is open for those ready to buy tickets.

In View/Slack Stuff:

Beeler.Tech Slack is back with a vengeance! Pubs, you're going to want to slide back into slack to catch all of this. Partners, we'll give you a report of what's relevant.
  • Native reporting aggregation - didn't know this was a thing, but it is
  • LATAM Demand
  • Header Bidding and ad server lines (BIG Discussion)
  • AMP
  • Privacy help
  • Frequency caps in-app
  • Training
  • Podcasts and programmatic
  • Ad Quality

Job Listings

Is it safe to say we are the biggest Ad Ops/Ad Tech Job Board in the Universe?

Have a job to post? It's free! Email us to get it listed. 

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Senior Vice President, Media Solutions - Expedia Group - Seattle, WA 
Programmatic Partnerships & Operations - LEARFIELD - Dallas, TX / Hybrid
Programmatic & Yield Analyst - LEARFIELD - Dallas, TX / Hybrid
Product Manager, Ad Solutions - LEARFIELD - Dallas, TX / Hybrid
Inventory Analyst - LEARFIELD - Dallas, TX / Hybrid
Digital Advertising Operations Executive - Condé Nast - London
Over 200+ Roles Available at OneTrust - OneTrust - Various Locations
Programmatic Associate, Sponsorship - National Public Media - Washington, DC
Business Operations Manager - Samsung Ads - New York, NY
Client Success Manager - FatTail, Inc. - Remote
Manager, Ad Operations - Spotter - Los Angeles, CA

Job Seekers

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Job Seeker #78

This New York-based individual has experience in the agency, publisher, programmatic worlds with an interest in CTV &Site tagging with the ability to create documentation on the fly. Showing grit/ technical problem-solving skills and excellence for account management, business, technical ad campaign management, and data analysis. He is able to easily pick up technical concepts, dashboards, and ad tech vernacular, there is no task too large or small. He is used to working cross-functionally with engineering, product, ad operations, international teams, and more. For his next career move. Looking for Senior manager/associate director roles/director roles.

Industry Events

Our Full List of User Submitted Events
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January 12 at 1:00 p.m.: Revenue Analytics that Matter: Leveraging Admiral's VRM Data to Grow ARPU
January 14 at 4:00 p.m.: Beeler.Tech Weekly Virtual Happy Hour (New Link!)
January 25-26 at 12:00 p.m.: Digiday Media CMO Summit
January 26 at 10:00 a.m.: Identity 2022
January 26 at 5:00 p.m.MediaPost's Online All Stars
January 26 at 7:00 
p.m.MediaPost's Agency of the Year Awards
... (other people's stuff and Virtual Happy Hours)
May 1 - May 4: Publisher Revenue Base Camp: Boulder, CO <Beeler.Tech!
... (more stuff already listed but you should go to our industry event calendar to check out the full list)


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