Week 48: Expect a lot of Boulder-related puns from now until May

articles Dec 13, 2021

Quick CES Update: 10% of attending. That doesn't mean that I am attending and there is a 10% chance of seeing me (like a weather report). It's not because I don't want to see all of you and have my share of Verbenas but I have some big plans for 2022 and need to stay closer to home while Beeler.Tech prepares to launch our first major US IRL event...

It's here...

Super excited about pulling the trigger on this event. The Publisher Revenue Base Camp is invite-only and the goal is to change the industry. We will bring together the most important and influential people in publisher revenue, and work on the biggest problems faced by publishers and the industry. Expect the output of the event to be best practices and initiatives to help publishers get their houses in order before we expand the conversation to the buy side.

If this sounds like something you should participate in, here's the event page. More details will be provided to those invited including the agenda, who is attending, and when prep meetings will be held. That's right: the Boulder Publisher Revenue Base Camp is more than the event itself, but everything that comes before and after. Get on board.

Why "Publisher Revenue Base Camp"? Often the terms "ad ops" and "revenue ops" fall short of the responsibilities of the people who will be attending the event. The event is focused on advertising but not restricted to that topic. The event is advertising focused, but not restricted to that topic. We also expect people who don't think of themselves as ad operations to attend.

A base camp is where trailblazers prepare for the ascent ahead. Publishers have an uphill battle ahead of them. The base camp is the starting point for those who are going to forge ahead and figure this out. Don't like the term? Fine: call it Beeler Camp if you prefer. We'll even have s'mores and tell stories about agency RFPs around the campfire if you like.

This is not a publisher forum. This is a new, different kind of event that serves a different purpose. This is a dream of mine to do something like this. Let's do this!

Tis the season...

Every dime we collect through our store in the month of December goes to the TD Foundation (taxes go to the government, but we still donate that amount for you sticklers out there).

Update: I'm hearing the TD Foundation Gala is in the works. In the meantime...

Donate. Go right to the source and give everything you can and maybe a little bit more. You'll be okay. Others perhaps not.

Buy on Beeler.Tech. Not only the TD Foundation merch, but any Beeler.Tech merch proceeds go right to the cause.

Not only will you feel good, but you'll be rockin' your merch some day and a stranger is going approach you and say, "You know Beeler?", and then you're going to find you should be doing business together and you're going to make a lot of money.*

*results may vary.

In View/Slack Stuff:

In View clients, you're seeing In View info on the site and now weekly in your inbox.
Publishers, you're living it in Slack or on the website.

Everyone else, here's a tease of some of the discussion topics:
  • Clean Rooms
  • Industry Trade Newsletters
  • Pubs without open RTB

Job Listings

Is it safe to say we are the biggest Ad Ops/Ad Tech Job Board in the Universe?

Have a job to post? It's free. email [email protected] to get it listed. 

Is the job not quite public? We'll include it on our Whispers page.

Agency Lead - Advertiser - Permutive - New York, NY
Sales Director - Advertiser - Permutive - New York, NY
Campaign Distribution & Data Specialist - Healthgrades - Atlanta, GA / Remote
Project Manager, Ad Tech - ViacomCBS - New York, NY
Senior AdOps Executive - The Telegraph - London, England,
AdOps Executive - The Telegraph - London, England
Senior Manager Integrated Media Planner - DailyPay - New York, NY

Job Seekers

Actively looking for a new gig or want to see what's out there? Become a Job Seeker and post anonymously what you're looking for in your next job. Take a chance that someone needs what you want to do!

If you are looking to fill an open role, review our job seekers, we may have the perfect person for you. Send us a note and we’ll make the introduction!

Job Seeker #76

Boston based professional who is open to remote positions. Over the last twenty years, this individual has implemented her education and experience into developing campaigns around human behaviors in the areas of marketing, advertising, and online and offline media. Her experience has encompassed doing end-to-end campaign management from creation through completion of the campaign including all development of the concept, creatives, plans, logistics, troubleshooting, optimization, and testing.

She has management experience with creating, developing, and supervising a successful team both in-person and remotely. The last ten years of her career have been spent in digital marketing, digital production, and digital advertising operations working for publishers, advertisers, and agencies. She has numerous MarTech and AdTech certifications including being certified in the entire Google AdTech stack. Currently, looking for her next challenging position as a manager or director within an established company or agency either building a team or working with an existing team.


Virtual Happy Hour Every Friday 4pm ET

VHH requires registration and approval <--- Q4 2021
new link for all of 2022 (Melissa figured it out) <--- register now, so we aren't approving everyone at 3:55 on January 7th!

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