Week 47: To CES or not to CES? That is the Question.

articles Dec 06, 2021

(An ad tech wolf pack about to chase the publisher wolf pack about to chase after the agency wolf pack that is chasing after the brand wolf pack that is there to see cool shit at CES and rather not talk to publishers, agencies or tech companies. But hey, maybe this year we won't black out and we'll land a major deal!)

Tis the season to help your fellow person consider whether one should go to CES in January. I never see anything cool from the show – I mostly spend all day in a taxi trying to get from one side of the strip to the other or at The Chandelier Bar...and see everyone I want to see all in one place!

A typical day in December for me starts with a firm resolution that I'm not going to start the year off with a hangover.

Then Dennis shares that he's going... and the FOMO starts to grow.

But then I read a COVID headline and there's no way I'm going to go to Vegas. Just stay home and get more work done.

Then Joey shares on LinkedIn that he's going...now it's starting to feel essential that I go to CES.

Nope. Stay. The. Course.

Then everyone in the world comments on Joey's post that they are also going.

I'm in pain every single day.

Look: I can be persuaded. Peer pressure works on me. Should I stay or should I go?

If I don't go, I'm thinking of throwing a "We didn't want to go to CES anyway" party in New York that week. Anyone want to help us make that a reality?

Top Story #1: Top Women in Media Awards

For those of you that weren't able to be there - the Top Women in Media Award Gala was awesome! I wasn't there, but Melissa was, she got to see old friends and new and meet people in person whom she had only spoken to in Zoom-land.

So many strong, driven, inspiring women sharing bits of their experience and insight!

Shout outs to:

  • Laura Boodram - award winner in the Magnanimous Mentors category
  • Bryanne Pashley - award winner in the Tech Trailblazers category
  • Debra Fleenor - award winner in the Tech Trailblazers category
  • Sara Badler - award winner in the Tech Trailblazers category
  • Stephanie Hanson - award winner in the Tech Trailblazers category
  • Lynne d Johnson - for being an awesome emcee

Let's keep elevating those who deserve time in the spotlight!

Top Story #2: A Case Study in Page Performance: Assembly

A Case Study in Page Performance: Assembly

Melissa spoke with Andrew Fowler, Director Of Advertising Operations, from Assembly about how they take an analytical approach to vendor selection. Page performance feeds into Core Web Vitals and is an important metric for Assembly, as it should be for all publishers.
We'll learn the process that Assembly went through to select their security and ad quality partner, GeoEdge.
Publishers, to access the pubs-only First Impressions for GeoEdge, log in and go to this link. Need an account? Create one.

Back to Seasonal Stuff...

I hear some winter weather is coming our way, so you might want to have one of these beanies on hand. We also rolled out some holiday Beeler.Tech stickers. Why you would want to buy Beeler.Tech holiday stickers is beyond me, but they are still very cool. Actually, why would you want to buy any of our merch?

Oh wait – I've got a reason: Every dime we collect through our store in the month of December goes to the TD Foundation (taxes go to the government, but we still donate that amount for you sticklers out there).

Normally, at this time of year the TD Foundation has a gala. I didn't get a chance to ask Tom why it wasn't happening this year, but let's assume things got in the way. I think it's also safe to assume that they won't bring as much money in this year without the gala. All at a time that veteran families are probably at their most vulnerable. So here's the ask:

Donate. Go right to the source and give everything you can and maybe a little bit more. You'll be okay. Others perhaps not.

Buy on Beeler.TechNot only the TD Foundation merch, but the Beeler.Tech merch proceeds go right to the cause. Buy the beanie for $20 + shipping + tax. Whatever that equals, we then donate that amount. Not the profit, the whole friggin' amount.

Not only will you feel good, but you'll be rockin' your merch some day and a stranger is going approach you and say, "You know Beeler?", and then you're going to find you should be doing business together and you're going to make a lot of money.*

*results may vary.

In View/Slack Stuff:

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Everyone else, here's a tease of some of the discussion topics:
  • DCM Report Access
  • Paid Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Mobile Strategy
  • Branded Content Marketing
  • Viewability in Open Bidding
  • OMS Selection
  • PreRoll ad specs

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Advertising Operations Manager - Digiday - Remote / Hybrid
Technical Digital Ad Operations Specialist - Elsevier Inc. - Remote

Ad Operations Manager - DZone - Remote
Digital Advertising Operations Trafficking Coordinator - The Washington Post - Washington, DC
Publisher Ad Ops Specialist - 10up - Remote
Ad Ops Lead, Pharma - Ogury - New York, NY
Ad Operations Manager - The Media Trust
Senior Programmatic Sales Manager - SmartNews - Remote

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Job Seeker #80

David has a passion for helping content owners create, maximize and future-proof monetization channels, and operationalize a “success-as-a-service” culture.
He has spent the last 15+ years focused on revenue operations and ad technology, helping publishers of all sizes build out ad operations teams and ad tech stacks. Beyond this, he has also focused on helping companies expand their programmatic capabilities, campaign analytics, in-house creative, yield practices, and more. He’s also spearheaded the strategies on industry-wide issues like the cookieless future, self-serve, ad blocking, brand safety, among others. 
Most recently Sr. Director of Digital Ad Platform Strategies at Advance Local, David is presently spending his time exploring consulting projects, and building out Bootleg (www.bootlegproject.com), a project focused on bringing live-streamed music concerts to fans, to be viewed live or on-demand.

He is now looking for senior-level positions in the media industry that align with his experience in revenue operations and ad technology. While more focused on the content/publisher side of the ecosystem, he is also very interested in exploring opportunities in ad tech and agency-side. And also quite interested in investigating transferring his knowledge/skills to the music industry.


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