Week 45: You've had a mentor you may never have heard of

articles Nov 22, 2021

I want you to do a search on "John Durham Catalyst" or search your social feeds for his name. John passed away last week. What you may or may not know is that this great man has had an impact on your career in digital advertising whether you know it or not. No, John didn't invent RTB or anything like that. He brought kindness and compassion to everyone he came into contact with. He made the people you work for and work with better people. He's known for posting Durhamism's like this: "Go the extra mile. It’s never crowded." 

For me, he gave me a blueprint: build a business based on being a good person and see how far it will take me. 

A society grows great when old men and women plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit. Thank you, John.

Top Story #1: Listen in while we talk industry trends this Wednesday

November 24th @ 11:30 am ET - Tune in while we record a podcast with Ian Gibbs, Research and Insight Specialist with CoLab Media Consulting. Ian is going to talk through findings in our Rev Ops Barometer Report (free summary and full report here*). I'm even going to ask him about what findings didn't make it into the report. SPILL. THAT. TEA. IAN! Register Here!

*partners and participants get the full report for free. Hit us up for your code.

Top Story #2: You had to be there

With GeoEdge's help, we were able to bring some pubs together in Chicago for dinner and little-did-we-know mini-Tribune reunion. I love me some virtual roundtables, but dinner and great conversation with friends: unbeatable. Here's to a lot more dinners in 2022...


Slack Stuff:

It's only for our publishers, but I do want to give everyone an idea of what we are discussing. Our partners get additional insights.
  • For anyone who uses MOAT for YouTube measurement, have you found a more efficient way in integrating this tracking for campaigns rather than by applying the ID/tag to each individual line item within Google Ad Manager?
  • Has anyone else experienced Valassis excessively crawl their site, particularly robots.txt and sitemaps? Any idea why?
  • Any pubs out there have video ratings by MPAA or FCC? I'm being asked about targeting against these and I've never heard of this before
  • It looks like Google (AdX) has demand for some larger in-content ad sizes - 728x250 and 552x334. Has anyone seen any other demand partners who want those sizes, too, or is that pretty specific to Google?
  • Is there a way to choose an advertiser for your videos on YouTube. Or allow some sort of exclusive targeting for a company?

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Director, Digital Platforms and Experience - B Live - New York, NY Hyrbid
Campaign Manager - Viacom - New York, NY / Burbank, CA
Ad Operations Specialist - Leaf Group - Remote
Digital Traffic Coordinator - Leaf Group - Remote
Business Operations Manager - Healthgrades - Remote / Atlanta, GA
AdOps Executive - Telegraph Media Group - London, England
Programmatic Sales Manager - Bauer Media Group - London, England
Operations Specialist, Trust & Safety - SmartNews - San Francisco, CA
Manager, Trust & Safety - SmartNews - San Francisco, CA
Policy Specialist, Trust & Safety - SmartNews - San Francisco, CA
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Job Seeker #37

This New York City based senior digital media and programmatic executive has a demonstrated history building and growing programmatic and brand direct ad revenue. He has had extensive experience sourcing, on-boarding, and implementing new ad technology and digital media technology in tandem with developing the strategies for scale. He is a highly versatile individual, who has worked equally on the publisher and demand side, and understanding of the needs and existing issues that are experienced on both ends. For his next move, he is looking to continue his career in a strategic role focused on expanding partnerships, for a publisher, advertiser, or adtech firm.

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December 1 at 12:00 PM: Top Women in Media Awards! - Melissa will be there!
December 1 - 2 at 8:00 AM: Publishers Empowered Summit
December 1 at 11:00 AM: How Top Publishers Generated More Revenue with Better Ads Experiences
December 3 at 4:00 PM: Beeler.Tech Weekly Virtual Happy Hour
December 14 at 1:30 PM: New Rules for Digital Media: Addressability & Measurement
January 4 at 9:30 AM: The Digital Media Open West at CES - 2022
January 25 at 7:00 AM: AdExchanger’s Industry Preview
February 2 - 4: The Beet Retreat: San Juan
February 7 - 11: IAB Annual Leadership Meeting
March 6 - 8: 12th Annual LOAC 2022 Local Advertising Conference
March 6 - 8: Borrell Miami 2022
March 6 - 10: AdMonsters PubForum St. Petersburg
May 24 - 25: PROGRAMMATIC I/O Las Vegas
June 1 - 3: The SubSummit Experience‚Äč
June 6 - 7: AdMonsters OPS 2022
July 14 - 17: AdMonsters PubForum Austin
November 6 - 9: AdMonsters PubForum Nashville


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