Week 44: Why preparation is everything

articles Nov 15, 2021

If you've seen me open an AdMonsters event, it's less of an intro and more of an opening monologue. The scary part is I don't get to test out my material and so I have to hope the audience gets my cultural references.

But in San Diego before my opening bit, I got a chance to ask our first time attendees if they were up on current entertainment storylines. I was shocked to learn that most had NOT seen Squid Games, Dune, Ted Lasso or had heard of Olivia Rodrigo. Oldest guy (or close) at the conference, and I know more lyrics to "good 4 u" than almost everyone else???

So I had to explain why I was funny, which rarely works...but it did. :) I mean, who else could tie Squid Games to solving the death of the 3rd party cookie like this:


Here's the point: I'm even funnier if you're prepared. For the next conference I'm speaking at I'm going to assign required reading/watching. Get a TikTok account, cuz I'm going to be up to the minute relevant. Your dog has no bones if you don't prepare!


Top Story #1: Research Released

November 24rd @ 11:30 am ET - Tune in to hear from Ian Gibbs, Research and Insight Specialist with CoLab Media Consulting, as he takes us through the findings of the Rev Ops Barometer Report – Register Here!

Top Story #2: Our next sponsored Minority Report Podcast


Excited to be associated with the Minority Report Podcast and their interview with Helene Parker, who has her own podcast about all things programmatic. I wish this were a podcast, promoting a podcast helping promote a podcast, because I like to be "meta". Not Zuckerberg's Meta – just meta. I think I'm getting stuck in a loop. Not Zuckerberg's...oh forget it. NEXT.


Sellers.Guide - a new free tool from Primis to help you clean up and maintain your ads.txt file

If you have an ads.txt file, check out sellers.guide, looks like a really useful tool.

Speaking of tools, sellers.guide in in good company with a lot of other useful Resources + Tools on Beeler.Tech!

If you have additions we should add, let us know.

Slack Stuff:

It's only for our publishers, but I do want to give everyone an idea of what we are discussing. Our partners get additional insights.
  • Are any folks using any BI tools in conjunction with their OMS data?
  • Does anyone have a best practice for tracking impressions of advertorials or sponsored articles?
  • We are investigating a noticeable growth in IOS impressions starting in July 2020.
  • Can anyone share a benchmark IVT rate seen on a RFP or some other collateral? 
  • Anyone working withTeads exclusively for outstream video?

Job Listings

Is it safe to say we are the biggest Ad Ops/Ad Tech Job Board in the Universe?

Have a job to post? It's free. email [email protected] to get it listed. 

Is the job not quite public? We'll include it on our Whispers page.

Manager, Ad Operations - Disney - New York, NY / Santa Monica, CA
Manager, Ad Tech Distribution - Vevo - New York, NY
Campaign Manager - Vevo - Los Angeles, CA
Campaign Manager - Vevo - New York, NY
Campaign Manager - Vevo - Chicago, IL
Account Executive - GeoEdge - US Remote
Customer Success Manager - GeoEdge - US Remote   
Paid Social Media Strategist - Copacino Fujikado - Remote
Solutions Architect - iSOCRATES - Saint Petersburg, FL
Client Success Manager - Everyday Health - New York, NY / Remote, California

Job Seekers

Actively looking for a new gig or want to see what's out there? Become a Job Seeker and post anonymously what you're looking for in your next job. Take a chance that someone needs what you want to do!

If you are looking to fill an open role, review our job seekers, we may have the perfect person for you. Send us a note and we’ll make the introduction!

Job Seeker #83

This Los Angeles based senior sales leader has built and/or led existing digital media/SaaS sales teams for startups and market leaders alike.  Over the last three years he was fortunate to be able to find a way to balance family and volunteering opportunities while operating a referral-only digital media consulting business.  He has made the decision to jump back into a FTE role and is looking to provide senior executive leadership as well as revenue and product strategy for this next opportunity.  While he has handled a $70MM/yr book of business on his own, the last decade has been spent leading and mentoring overachieving sales teams, influencing senior executives internally and externally as well as effectively collaborating with internal partners to build amazing ad experiences and partnerships.  He is equally adept and comfortable in either brand or programmatic environments.  He is comfortable operating with little oversight and ambiguity while helping build in necessary rigor and procedures.


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