Week 43: We've got some research to talk about!

articles Nov 08, 2021

We are excited to announce the much anticipated release of the H2 Rev Ops Barometer Report!

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Tune in to hear from one of the key researchers behind the study as he takes us through the findings – 11/23 @ 11:30am EST - Register Here!

Big Story #2: We are in San Diego!

Melissa an I are at the AdMonsters Pub Forum in San Diego! Follow along our various social platforms.

Big Story #4:  The best gift for the ad ops person on your team or in your life.

We've had this idea for some time of creating some holiday gifts for your ad operations people (or yourself – we're not telling). See our new mug below. 

What we haven't done is decided on a new charity. But we promise you that anything you spend in November and December is going to a good cause and not to Beeler.Tech. We'll try to decide this week on who it might be and we're open to your suggestions. What's your favorite charity?

Remember that anything bought from the TD Foundation collection goes to the TD Foundation. We aren't selling as much as we did during our major push in the summer. Vets need help now more than ever. Please donate to TD directly or through our store.

Here is the new mug design. You like?

Slack Stuff:

It's only for our publishers, but I do want to give everyone an idea of what we are discussing. Our partners get additional insights.
  • GPID and The Trade Desk - big discussion on this front
  • Has anyone worked with SheerID from a subscription building standpoint?
  • someone have experience with adskeeper.com
  • Starting on Oct. 26, creative in app that is sized 300x600 (and some other sizes) started serving as creative size delivered = interstitial. Anyone know why? And how to globally block?
  • Does anyone have a best practice for tracking impressions of advertorials or sponsored articles?  I generally traffic a 1x1 .gif to a 1x1 ad unit with a specific article id.  But I’m not getting impressions to render.
  • What is the difference between a regular paid social post and a dark social post?

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Job Listings

Is it safe to say we are the biggest Ad Ops/Ad Tech Job Board in the Universe?

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Senior Data Scientist - MOLOCO - Redwood City, CA or Seattle, WA
Senior Data Scientist - MOLOCO - London, England
Product Manager, Ad Tech & Activation - News Corp - New York, NY
Data Analyst (2) - The Dallas Morning News - Dallas, Texas
Client Success Manager - Clipcentric Inc. - Temporarily Remote, Albany, NY
Associate Product Manager - The Guardian - Kings Place, London

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Job Seeker #76

Boston based professional who is open to remote positions. Over the last twenty years, this individual has implemented her education and experience into developing campaigns around human behaviors in the areas of marketing, advertising, and online and offline media. Her experience has encompassed doing end-to-end campaign management from creation through completion of the campaign including all development of the concept, creatives, plans, logistics, troubleshooting, optimization, and testing.
She has management experience with creating, developing, and supervising a successful team both in-person and remotely. The last ten years of her career have been spent in digital marketing, digital production, and digital advertising operations working for publishers, advertisers, and agencies. She has numerous MarTech and AdTech certifications including being certified in the entire Google AdTech stack. Currently, looking for her next challenging position as a manager or director within an established company or agency either building a team or working with an existing team. Brea can be contacted at [email protected]

Industry Events

Our Full List of User Submitted Events
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November 7-10: AdMonsters: Publisher Forum San Diego 2021
November 8-10: DIGIDAY Programmatic Marketing Summit
November 11 at 5:30 PM - Hiring Veterans in Digital Advertising
November 11 at 4:00 PM: Beeler.Tech Weekly Virtual Happy Hour
November 16 at 1:00 PM: Revenue Strategy Session Vol 3 -Contextually Speaking
November 16 at 1:00 PM: Webinar: Demystifying Digital Audio
November 16 at 1:00 PM: Google Consent Mode & OneTrust CMP: Managing Advertiser Data & Cookies With Consent
November 17: New Rules for Digital Media: Addressability & First Party Data
November 18 at 9:00 AM - Can subscriptions and zero party data ever put adverts on ice?
December 1 at 12:00 PM: Top Women in Media Awards! - Melissa will be there!


Virtual Happy Hour Every Friday 4pm ET

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