Week 40: New offsite activity announced: Red Light, Green Light

articles Oct 18, 2021
Okay, it's possible that HR won't approve of our "team building" activity for our next event, but the parallels to our industry are there and I look good in teal (and pink).

Big Story #1:  Our fate has already been decided 

Unlike other awards in our industry, there is no public voting for this award.

It's a shame because I'm sure that the "Best Programmatic Consulting Or Advisory Firm" category should be won by the company that could manipulate the voting the most. I'm sorry, I meant "optimize" the voting the most. We'll learn next Monday what the judges have decided.

Big Story #2: San Diego

OPS is over! Whoo hoo! Now it's on to San Diego. Talk to me: what do you need to get your butt to the Pub Forum? Melissa & I will both be there!

Keynotes have been announced:

  • Eva Papoutsakis Smith, Chief Revenue Officer, Ziff Davis - will shed light on Integrating Sales and Strategy with Product and Ops: The Path to CRO

  • Dev Pragad CEO, Newsweek - will dive into Newsweek’s Reimagining & Resurgence in a Programmatic World. 

Big Story #3: Holiday Parties a Comin'


We've got a holiday party for publishers in the works for early-ish December in New York. Details to be announced soon! Ugly sweaters optional. Conga lines not!

If you're hosting a holiday party (anyware) and are open to the Beeler.Tech community to attend, let us know and we'll add it to the calendar. 

Also, we're working on some gift ideas for your ad ops teams and hope to add them to the store very soon. Have a fun ad ops gift idea, let us know!


Job Listings

Is it safe to say we are the biggest Ad Ops/Ad Tech Job Board in the Universe?

Have a job to post? It's free. email [email protected] to get it listed. 

Is the job not quite public? We'll include it on our Whispers page.

Advertiser Client Success Manager - Jeeng - New York, NY
Program Content Manager - Access Intelligence - New York, NY 
Full Stack Developer – Ad Tech - LEARFIELD - Plano, TX
Lead Dev Ops Engineer - DataChain Labs - Atlanta Metropolitan Area
Sales Director - 1plusX - New York, NY
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing - IAB - New York, NY
Analyst, Campaign Operations - GTB - Detroit, MI
Senior Ad Ops Associate - The New York Times - London, England

Job Seekers

Actively looking for a new gig or want to see what's out there? Become a Job Seeker and post anonymously what you're looking for in your next job. Take a chance that someone needs what you want to do!

If you are looking to fill an open role, review our job seekers, we may have the perfect person for you. Send us a note and we’ll make the introduction!

Job Seeker #37

This New York City based senior digital media and programmatic executive has a demonstrated history building and growing programmatic and brand direct ad revenue. He has had extensive experience sourcing, on-boarding, and implementing new ad technology and digital media technology in tandem with developing the strategies for scale. He is a highly versatile individual, who has worked equally on the publisher and demand side, and understanding of the needs and existing issues that are experienced on both ends. For his next move, he is looking to continue his career in a strategic role focused on expanding partnerships, for a publisher, advertiser, or adtech firm.


Virtual Happy Hour Every Friday 4pm ET

VHH requires registration and approval. <--- Newest Link!

Word of the Week: embellish. A word one expects former senior management at OZY to use.

Final Thoughts

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