Week 39: Add a Tax onto the Ad Tech Tax? ROTFL!

articles Oct 11, 2021
My thoughts on Prof. Scott Galloway: Mixed. Long time fan that have cheered on his many successes, but often scratch my head when he's (in my opinion) completely wrong. His latest article: Carcinogens takes a shot at digital advertising and programmatic. A lot of what he says is spot on and well articulated.

Then he makes a recommendation: "we should consider taxing algorithms that serve ads and content." He compares ad tech to cigarettes. 

So what I'm hearing is that the ad tech tax should now have an actual tax on it as well.

We have to figure out the proliferation of disinformation. We have to as an industry be better – perhaps a lot better. I just have never heard of a recommendation that aims at a target (Facebook) and misses completely.

Or I just don't get it. Do we need to tax programmatic advertising?

Big Story #1:  What we submitted

Saw a lot of people at OPS and got a lot of questions about our nomination for an AdExchanger Award for Best Programmatic Consulting Firm.

Look people: I know how to read faces. Some of you were thinking, "would I really bring in Beeler.Tech to optimize my programmatic floors?" The answer to that question is "no, but I bet Beeler.Tech knows who to talk to." I thought it might make sense to share some of what we said in our entry form:

The concept of Beeler.Tech is to bring the publisher ad operations community together. We crowdsource solutions and co-consult on daily troubleshooting, purchasing recommendations, and strategic planning. There are others who maintain community tools, Beeler.Tech takes it to another level. That ranges from our slack channel to conference calls to ongoing working groups.

This “crowdsourced consulting” approach hasn’t helped one client, but hundreds of publishers, thousands of individuals. We’ve saved publishers countless hours helping people research solutions or fix a problem. We’ve helped people advance their careers. We’ve helped inform the rest of the industry of the needs of ad operations professionals.

Not in the entry but certainly a big part of what we do is work with our partners who seek to help these ad operations professionals. 

Anyway, I thought it might make sense to lay out why we are in the category that we are in. Best Jacket wasn't a category.

I am thinking about livestreaming my reaction when we lose, but the safer bet is to watch it in person at the event on October 25th

Big Story #2: San Diego

OPS is over! Whoo hoo! Now it's on to San Diego. Talk to me: what do you need to get your butt to the Pub Forum?


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