Week 38: This. And That. And The Other Thing. All very exciting!

articles Oct 04, 2021
Keeping it short this week because I'm going to be on stage a lot the next couple of days for OPS. Here's just a sample of what I'm doing:

Day 1:
  • I get to talk to Chris Kane (Jounce Media) about his amazing research.
  • I get to talk to Michal (GeoEdge) and Chris (DotDash) about revenue!
  • I get to talk to Oleg Korenfeld and find out what's he's cooking up
  • I get to hear from Priti Powell (PubMatic). No A/B test needed: this will be great!
  • Jared Siegel (Aditude) will spit truth about speed and monetization.
  • Burt Intelligence named a drink after me "Rob Beeler Spritz" so I guess it would be rude not to stop in on their dinner.

Day 2:
I hope to see a lot of you in person this week. I can't wait.

Big Story #1:  Publisher Roundtable Series: News Over Newsfeeds Details

We've got an amazing line up for October 7th at 1pm ET!
  • Joy Robins, Chief Revenue Officer at The Washington Post
  • Joshua Lowcock, EVP, Chief Digital Officer at UM Worldwide
  • Jeff Turner, who has too long a title to fit at The Washington Post
  • Liz DeAngelis, VP, Growth & Managed Platforms at Ad Council 
  • Mike Orren, Chief Product Officer at The Dallas Morning News

We'll discuss how to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of getting the right ads adjacent to quality journalistic content. If you as a publisher are focused on context as the way forward, you'll want to hear what the buy side is looking for and what solutions like Zeus Prime can deliver. Register today!

Big Story #2:  Then there is this:

Beeler.Tech is a finalist for an AdExchanger Award! Best Jackets? No. Best Goat Yoga Pose? No. Best programmatic consultant? Could be! Come see my face when someone else wins on October 25th!

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Other stuff:

Job Listings

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Senior Software Engineer - Aditude, Inc. - Remote
Campaign Manager - TuneIn - Los Angeles, CA
Senior Product Designer - TuneIn - Los Angeles, CA (Open to Remote)
Customer Success Director - 1plusX - New York, NY
Customer Success Manager - 1plusX - New York, NY
Social Strategist, Commercial - Condé Nast - New York, NY    
Senior Advertising Operations Manager - Politico - Arlington, VA
Advertising Operations Associate - Politico - Arlington, VA
Programmatic Platforms Manager - The Washington Post - New York, NY

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Job Seeker #37

This New York City based senior digital media and programmatic executive has a demonstrated history building and growing programmatic and brand direct ad revenue. He has had extensive experience sourcing, on-boarding, and implementing new ad technology and digital media technology in tandem with developing the strategies for scale. He is a highly versatile individual, who has worked equally on the publisher and demand side, and understanding of the needs and existing issues that are experienced on both ends. For his next move, he is looking to continue his career in a strategic role focused on expanding partnerships, for a publisher, advertiser, or Ad Tech firm.


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Word of the Week: hobnob as in "let's meet at OPS and hobnob over some fried cicadas!"

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