Week 32: Coming to you from Vail!

articles Aug 23, 2021

So excited to see people in person in real life at the AdMonsters Publisher Forum! Follow along on social if you ain't here.

This week the newsletter is getting stripped down to the essentials while I focus on my wardrobe changes in Vail. Still a lot to cover though. 

More Beeler.Tech coverage in Digiday (article 1 was last Monday,  article 2 last Thursday.)
Happy to answer any or all questions. If you're a pub who wants to know more, let me know. If you're a tech company who wants to know what we do and how we do it, let me know. 

Pubby, pub pubs! Let's get your input on our survey for the Barometer report. Think of it this way: you fill out the survey. We publish the survey results. You compare the overall results to what you submitted. OMG: instant insights! FILL OUT THE SURVEY TODAY! (please).

SAVE THE DATE: October 7th 1pm ET – Part III of the Zeus Technology & Beeler.Tech series! Agenda still being worked on, but you know it's going to be awesome. Register today so no other nonsense conflicts with this date and time!

A new Beeler.Brief from John Shankman at Hashtag Labs talks through his thesis that a new revolution in software for publishers has started. Here's the video and here's a link to the transcript if reading is your thing. I should also mention that John walked us through HTL Bid on First Impressions. If you're a publisher, come to the site and get a demo of the product.

Could you/should you/would you work for Beeler.Tech? Yeah, you heard me. Looking for people (part time or full time) who wants to help us do what we do. You stay in the industry, will meet a boatload of people and maybe learn some new skills. I ain't kidding. Give me a ring.


No links to other people's content this week. Actually that's not true:
Sad the only thing I post is about me. Rob's so vain, he probably thinks this newsletter's about him...
Anyway, Kathleen is an awesome podcaster and this was fun. Listen here.

Job listings are here: https://www.beeler.tech/joblistings

Job Whispers are here: https://www.beeler.tech/jobwhispers

Job Seekers are here: https://www.beeler.tech/jobseekers

Industry Events: Are listed here.

Virtual Happy Hour - Each Week - Friday at 4pm ET

Final Thought: I hope everyone is safe and I wish you were here in Vail.

Beeler Out.


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