Week 30 Newsletter: In Real Life Events, Barometer and more!

articles Aug 09, 2021

I shot a Beeler.Brief this weekend, talking about events, drinking and being more inclusive. Check it out:

If you have any comments or resources related to my video, post them on my Linkedin post

What else did you do this weekend, Rob?

I messed around with the newsletter format and made it worse! What? Isn't that how you spend your weekends?
(I'm trying to make it easier to assemble. Not sure I did that either.)

It's Barometer season (and I'm not talkin' about the weather)

Publishers: it's survey time again! This one is important as it’s currently the largest and most comprehensive ongoing study of its type. Take 15 minutes to answer questions about publisher revenue operations. This will build on the survey we conducted earlier this year and give everyone some real information on trends.

Here's the link: https://survey.sogosurvey.com/r/KPiF6Z – Now get it done so we can stop emailing you! 

Dan and Melissa's OMS Evaluation Guide

Link: https://www.admonsters.com/oms-evaluation-guide/
Dan Calamai, Founder of Sangora Partners & Melissa put together a guide to help you go through the OMS evaluation process. It’s long, but OMS selection is a long but important process. Melissa is open to for feedback.


Partner Content

Beeler.Tech provides unique signals to our partners on what we hear going on in the marketplace. This ranges from chatter we hear from our community to concepts for content/marketing executions. Learn more about our partnership program, First Impressions and our other services.  

Slack Scuttlebutt 

(he said butt. Tee hee.)

  • Looking for recommendations on CMPs for CTV. 
  • CMPs - how configurable are the options?
  • Are ad ops audits a thing and who does them well?
  • Who has tested Browsi?
  • Wordpress and prebid – do they play nice?
  • Open Measurement SDK – potential call to discuss
  • Who is measuring Revenue per Unique User?
  • DMPs - what solutions are for pubs on a budget?

Publishers: you can jump right into these conversations. Make sure you're in our community.
Partners: More information has be posted on Beeler.Tech for you. We also will alert you to relevant conversations we're having.
Non-partners: If you can assist on any of these topics, it'll go a long way to becoming a partner. How can you help?


Content we appreciate


Job Listings

Do you understand we have 100+ Jobs in our industry posted on the site?

Have a job to post? It's free. email [email protected] to get it listed. 

Don't have a job listing yet? Whisper it to us. 



Job Seekers

If you are actively looking for a new gig, we should have you in our job seekers section! But for those of you just thinking about your next move, the job seeker’s post allows you to gather and share your thoughts on what you want your next move to be. It can open up conversations and help you get a feel for the market. Take a look at the postings, write something up and send it to us. Nicholas will find you a snazzy graphic, post your description to the site and then promote on social. Let us help you!

If you are looking to fill an open role, review our job seekers, we may have the perfect person for you. Send us a note and we’ll make the introduction!

Job Seeker #71: From scrappy humble beginnings to building the future of digital commerce, a need to innovate and collaborate has been the theme of this individual’s career. He kicked off his career by founding the Digital Media practice at one of the Southeast’s most creative independent ad agencies. Then he decided to see what he could build within the Media Planning and Strategy departments in some of the world's most recognized media and creative agencies on both coasts for brands including Dell, Adobe and eBay. A move to the publishing side provided an opportunity to build and operationalize some of the foundational media products and solutions for one of the world's largest omni-channel retail commerce platforms and formally brought him into the world of Product Development. Here he blends technical knowledge with the strategic perspective of an end user/operator to create innovative planning, audience targeting, optimization and measurement solutions to connect retail publishers, advertisers and consumers in ways that add value for all. He loves the energy of collaboration and is as comfortable leading creative ideation sessions as he is diving into campaign analytics with clients to expose insights. He’s looking for a role to continue building on his base of  home-grown and strategic partnership based solutions to continue building the future of physical, digital and omnichannel media. 

Help us find this person their next job!



This is just a sample of our full list.
Email us at [email protected] to add your events.



Beeler.Tech Virtual Happy Hour. Fridays 4pm ET.

Episode 67(ish): The One where we got Zoom Bombed again and dirty words were used!

I had a funnier recap but lost it in the newsletter prep. Anyway, Angelina surprised us with her potty mouth.
FYI – we do talk ad tech. Most definitely.

VHH now requires registration and approval. No Michael Garcia's allowed. Jade Cooper's maybe. Link to register. 


Final Thoughts

It's been going around that I'm the lead singer of Fall Out Boy:

I'm not.

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Beeler Out.


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