September 26: The overschnitzel dilemma

newsletter Sep 26, 2022

Quick take: DMEXCO was smaller this year but had more engaged attendees. If there was content, I never saw it (strike that - ID5 had a breakfast session that was very good).

Highlight #1 for me was seeing people I haven't seen in a few years. It tells me Beeler.Tech is coming to Europe in 2023.

Highlight #2 was the food and the conversation over food. But I've got to be honest, I'm not ordering schnitzel or koteletts for some time. I definitely overschnitzeled it.

Overall theme: big concerns about th
e future, but a feeling that we need to move forward vs. waiting to see what happens. I hope that momentum continues.

Best compliment?: "You can't be old in ad tech" <- yes, I think Markus meant it as a compliment. :)

- Beelerschnitzel

Anheuser-Busch’s Jackson Jeyanayagam will join me in conversation to discuss  Aligning Marketing’s Needs with Publisher’s Offerings during a dinner on October 19 in New York City.
Drawing from a wealth of experience that he’s gained as the CMO of Boxed, Vice President and General Manager of Direct-to-Consumer at The Clorox Company, and now leading the creation and launch of a new product at Anheuser-Busch, Jackson will share his deeply-informed perspective on what marketers need from publishers to achieve their goals.

We can’t wait to hear his thoughts, and to share them with our community.
We have limited seating for publisher attendees and an approval process but that shouldn't discourage you from requesting an invitation

Meet you at Tha Crossroads

No Bone Thugs-N-Harmony in attendance at the Publisher Revenue Crossroads, but your publisher peers will be. The New York Times, TikTok, Forbes, Dow Jones, Paramount, and more are all attending on October 20 in New York City. We’re preparing a full day of programming that covers everything you need to know about direct-sold inventory. Will we see you there? (request a code to register).
More details on the agenda are available on the event page, but note it's only a proposal - we work with our attendees to adjust the agenda up to and including the day of the event. That means it's always relevant.

Some agenda highlights (and this is just in one day)
  • Keynote by Warren Zenna: Are you asking the right revenue operations questions?
  • RFP Should not mean Rushed, Forced, and Painful
  • Diversified revenue streams require a new measurement approach
  • Long-term thinking is where it's at. Easier said than done.
  • Training sales on ad tech
  • How does your experience in direct-sold translate into the future?
  • Publisher first-party data strategies need help being sold 
  • Now we're all aligned. What about the buy-side?

The one-stop-doc will be launched post haste, as well as the announcement of event prep calls for those signed up or verbally committed to attend. Also, the Crossroads swag is ready for attendees – you'll get your special discount code this week!

Plug into the Beeler.Tech community and the broader industry 

Upcoming Beeler.Tech events open to all
Fridays @ 4 p.m. EDT: Virtual Happy Hour 
Upcoming industry events  
  • October 20: Crossroads in NYC. The only event focused 100% on direct-sold advertising!
Hiring? Please submit the opening on our job board. There’s no cost, and you might just find the talent you are looking for.

Job Listings
Customer Success Manager - Freestar
Ad Operations Senior Associate - Troika
Director, Brand Partnerships - Pillar4 Media

Job Seekers
We're not recruiters, but we help people find their next opportunity. Learn more.

Job Seeker #90
Located in Los Angeles and passionate about digital media, advertising technology, 1st party data, and measurement with over 10 years of experience identifying key business objectives and aligning solutions to generate meaningful impact for established companies (Samsung Ads & Yahoo) and start-ups. Deep knowledge of the adtech ecosystem and a subject matter expert in Data Clean Room solutions, Programmatic, CTV/Advanced TV, focusing on business development and sales. Looking for a full-time position based in Los Angeles but open to remote.

The 2022 AdExchanger Awards Finalists are out!
Shout out to our partners and publisher community. Too many to list them all, but to highlight a few companies: SXM Media (for their DEI work!), Disney, Future, New York Times, iHeartMedia, Trusted Media Brands, ACBJ, Audigent, Vox, Roku, Ranker, WSJ, Learfield, Volta, LiveIntent and Magnite! 

We didn't make the cut (cue violins), but we love what we do, so I guess we'll probably find a place that night to celebrate our community. Anyone in? 

There was SOOO much this week
  • When do pixels impact performance? Ideal number?
  • Native ad servers of choice for direct sold?
  • Ad configuration recommendations
  • Best Excel for Ad Ops Training resources?
  • Sellers.json config questions
  • Google, In App, CTV, FTC and more
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