September 19: Meet me at the Crossroads?

newsletter Sep 19, 2022

We are at a Revenue Crossroads

which is why we named our October 20th event Publisher Revenue Crossroads

Programmatick (I'm making that a verb) all you want, many publishers are built for a direct sold approach. It makes them a lot more money than the open exchange. It also take a hell of a lot more work. This is why we're getting people together to talk through the process, share ideas and work on ways to collaborate. Complexity is more of a competitor than each other.
Which is why I'm so excited to announce our keynote speaker, Warren Zenna, Founder and CEO of the CRO Collective. He helps organizations align their sales, marketing, operations, and customer success functions. 

Warren will help us kick off the day by outlining a roadmap to getting these teams on the same page and scaling revenue. We'll talk quote to cash and along the way hit on topics like self serve, data strategies, etc.

Publishers: Request an invite. We're looking for CROs as well as sales, client services and operations leaders.

Non-publisher? You can also Request an invite but note there is a waitlist at this point. Our partners come first so reach out about becoming a partner.

Let's protect our direct revenue!
DMEXCO? DMEXCO! Beeler will be there in uniform (look for my lavender shoes). No ability to book any more appointments, but look for places in Germany where they are serving beer and I'll probably be there.

You're a publisher and you're seeing this? You might not be aware, but publishers have a whole publisher-only section to this newsletter outlining a lot of what we do for the community. Email us if you think you should be seeing that section.

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New York based AdTech professional with over 5 years of experience in Programmatic and Measurement/Analytics. Proven track record in driving media plans across DV360 and planning measurement and data strategy for multimillion dollar clients. Previously he worked with Accenture and Google Operations. Looking for full time opportunities.
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