Poll Results: What is a Waste of Your Time?

Jul 16, 2022

Simmer down, Darwin. The guy needs to chill out a bit...

Anyway, our poll definitely triggered some people with this question based on some of the responses we got.

The questions asked were:

"What is the biggest waste of time that comes with your job?"


"If that task is a waste of time, what are you going to do about it?"

Some highlights:

We hate having to repeat ourselves:

  • Waste of Time: Dealing with untrained sales people
    • Action: Try and get them trained, or do it myself with all my free time
  • WoT: Sending and resending links to documentation from folks on the team who should know better.
    • Honestly, I gave up years ago and made myself a folder called "Let me send you the link you could have found yourself" for the most commonly requested stuff
  • WoT: Fixing sales mistakes, answering repeat questions
    • Educate Sales and do more training

Management-related tasks come to mind:

  • WoT: HR related chasing for job postings, recruiting, hiring, promotions, comp issues
    • Action: Play the game and look to provide honest customer focused feedback to help improve the process
  • WoT: Administration: Invoices / Expenses, Holiday Management, Learning and Dev
    • Do enough to keep the business from bothering me about it.

Pushy vendors got mentioned twice. Maybe they need to partner with Beeler.Tech... :)

  • WoT: A waste of time would be responding to emails of various emerging monetization companies who drown us in intro mails every day.
    • Ignoring the majority of approach emails.
  • WoT: Cold prospects from vendors without details of how they obtained my info or a specific email (non template) of how they can transform our unique business.
    • delete and move on

Someone's not a fan of ID Solutions. Ouch!

  • WoT: Dealing with anything related to ID solutions.  All work, no revenue!!!
    • Hope and pray industry realizes these ID solutions are a waste of time too.

Meetings are a waste of time. What?

  • WoT: Meetings
    • Cleaner, shorter agendas
  • WoT:  Unproductive meetings and manual reporting
    • Onboarding data aggregating/dashboard tool
  • WoT: Meetings for meetings sake
    • Decline any that I don't feel are necessary

Reporting needs to go away.

  • WoT: reporting
    • better automation
  • WoT: pulling reports
    • automate it!

Conclusion: you ask people to vent and they will. Of course, I hate seeing the resignation in some of these responses that nothing can be done about it, but I also understand it. The key is to keep talking with people to learn their strategies and see if you can make a waste of your time into something productive.

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