Poll Results: Are data clean rooms standalone businesses or a feature?

Jul 01, 2022

77% said Feature

A feature of what?

  • DMP/CDP #1 answer

  • Data Warehouse #2 answer

  • DSP

  • SSP

Why not standalone?

  • Standalone would create a barrier to entry for a lot of publishers. Having data clean rooms part of DMPs makes the most sense to me right now. Maybe this will evolve over time, but the data that I've seen requested so far has been from Lotame, not BlueKai (CDP) or IndexExchange (SSP). Publisher side, our access to useful data from DSPs is often limited to a few API fields so that integration wouldn't make sense.
  • Clean Rooms are only as valuable as their ability to integrate and activate the data that was cleaned.
  • Match rates are way too low, and in most cases will stay that way for clean room segments to be anything other than a seed data pool from which a DMP would create audience extensions.
  • It should simply be a feature for a custom segment / custom audience builder, where the data source is an external 1p data provider, instead of the pub using their own 1p data, or buying 3p data. Once created, that matched segment could then be extended across a broader 1p id (or cookie!) pool for reach.
  • I believe they will just be a feature of wherever you need to share data. Ultimately they might be provided by a handful of actual providers but they will need to be bundled along with the tech, to make it actually work. A small to medium sized publisher isn't going to build his audiences in one bit of tech (that they pay to use) then sell them in another piece of tech (that they also pay for the privilege to use) and have a 3rd cost to share those for use, it'll just be part of the workflow built into each step. Those tech platforms that don't have inbuilt functionality for this will just loose market share until they fade away or follow suit.
  • Standalone feels like adding another player into the mix that isn't adding a ton of value but if it's wrapped up into another service that's already in the mix of the data/bidding process then it seems to be a value add product.
  • They play a role in data sharing, so i believe they should be a feature within your data warehouse.

23% said Standalone

  • They serve a different purpose to a DMP but can complement that service.
  • A clean room in my opinion should be defined as an independent location that two parties can identify commonalities in data sets without sharing PII data.
  • There will be vendors who try to add it to their stack, but we'll find point solutions that offer value-add to keep it separate.
  • If it's a feature it compromises the integrity and what cleanness is.

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