October 31: California, here we come

newsletter Oct 31, 2022
My team and I are excited to announce that Base Camp 2023 is taking place February 26 - March 1 in Newport Beach, California. Base Camp is the most important conference for publisher revenue executives. 

Over 90 leaders will convene in sunny California to address critical issues, discuss valuable solutions to our toughest challenges, identify growth opportunities, and build meaningful relationships with peers in the community. This is why I personally curate the list of invitees - to be sure that we all come away with takeaways that go well beyond our program. 

Like last year, Base Camp participation is invitation-only. That means you can still ask for an invitation.

Learn more about Base Camp

We Need a Hero!

Is there someone on your AdOps team who is a Q4 Hero? A rockstar who does it all and does it well, even during crunch time? Email us who they are and why you’re nominating them as your team’s Q4 Hero.

We’ll share a code for them to grab an official, limited-edition Beeler.Tech Q4 Hero shirt on our store!
Recaps of what's being talked about in our publisher only slack. Want to join?
  • How often should advertisers change creatives?
  • Verification service stuff
  • Hot takes are on this article
  • Multiple mediation partners (continued)
  • In-app convos - in fact, if you serve in-app publishers, you should be talking to us. We've got a super engaged audience

Beeler.Tech Community and Industry

Upcoming Beeler.Tech events:

​Fridays at 4 PM: Beeler.Tech Virtual Happy Hour
February 26 - March 1: Publisher Revenue Base Camp: Newport Beach, CA
Upcoming industry events:

Job Listings
Yield Manager - Zillow
Ad Tech Talent - ALL LEVELS - Learfield
Publisher Support Engineer - App (Remote) - Freestar

Job Seekers
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Job Seeker #89
PA based professional with 10 + years of digital marketing experience looking for new opportunities. Looking for a full time, remote position in digital marketing.
Has experience with various platforms including Salesforce, Google Ad Manager, Nativo, Teads, LiveIntent, Thinknear, DV360, Xandr and The Trade Desk. 
In the 10 + years in the industry has worked on multiple client accounts scheduling various products into various ad servers. Has experience with reporting and analytics. Has worked with various creative types such as static, video, native, rich media including html5 and third party ad tags. 

Hiring? Please submit the opening on our job board. There’s no cost, and you might just find the talent you are looking for.
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