October 3: Placing Bets or Buying Insurance?

newsletter Oct 03, 2022
This past week, we had a dinner with a number of publishers (thanks to ArcSpan) and we had a fun debate about framing publisher strategies going forward. I contended we should be "placing bets". Someone else (anonymous only so he doesn't have to deal with his comms people) said it was more like "buying insurance".

Which do you think is the more appropriate term for what pubs should do when it comes to the coming changes to our industry?

I'll share where I landed:

Publishers should place bets
  • Accept that publisher first-party data is undervalued now but will grow in value and therefore requires attention and resources now to make it a stronger offering.
  • Some publishers should be getting data clean rooms and developing that capability as something pubs lead with, not wait for the buyers.
  • The top identifiers in the market are pretty clear; focus on them and not everyone.
  • Double down on efforts to establish a better relationship with your audience.
  • Speak up! Get involved! Be heard!

Publishers should buy insurance
  • You may not believe identifiers will stand the test of time, but they do work, and buyers want them. Make hay while you can and if you're wrong and they last, you still win.
  • In 2023, you will be asked to do more with the same if not less. Outsource. Automate.

Publishers should stop gambling
  • Using the trades to guide your strategy. Talk to your peers.
  • Doing nothing is the biggest gamble.

That's me just rattling off some ideas. What am I missing or have wrong? What's your go-to analogy?

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