October 24: Everybody ...... Direct is Back, alright!

newsletter Oct 24, 2022

We met at the Crossroads...

and it was special. For the majority of the attendees, it was their first Beeler.Tech event and the best part is they leaned into the concept. So many great discussions happened throughout the day. Here's something really cool: We originally pitched 10 different breakout sessions over the course of the day, and we wound up with 22 as people helped create and shape the agenda on the spot.

Next steps: we're going to review the notes and see what events, projects, and content we can produce from all of these discussions.

Thanks again to the attendees and to our VIPs for being there. You proved our approach works and we're on the right path.

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  • UK or EMEA equivalent of Media Radar?
  • Anyone using multiple mediation partners in app?
  • What are everyone's thoughts on video ads requiring sound on or else they be classified as an outstream placement?

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