October 17: IO, IO, it’s off to New York we go!

newsletter Oct 17, 2022
This week starts with Programmatic IO, at least for Team.Beeler. I think others celebrate "Advertising Week," but that never made sense to me. Get this – there are some people who create ads and consider themselves in the advertising industry, and yet they don't even know what VAST or VPAID tags are...and they don't care! I mean, I guess I never really thought about where the creatives come from; I just know they are always late. *ba-dum-tssh*

The week will start off all programmaticky and stuff, but it ends very IOish with our Publisher Revenue Crossroads focused on direct-sold. BTW, that wasn't intentional. Good days for events can be hard to find.

But here we are – big week ahead and we hope to see as many of you as we can. It's an important time for our industry. Let's get things done!

Let’s come together because we are at the Crossroads

The name of our event this Thursday – Publisher Revenue Crossroads – has inspired a number of comments. Some have mentioned the Britney Spears movie and the songs of Robert Johnson and Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony. Christian events even came up. Those connections never entered my mind when I came up with the name. All I can think about is how the decisions we make as publishers RIGHT NOW affect our future. Efficiency doesn’t mean ceding control of your business. I argued on LinkedIn this past week that I don’t think the solution is to turn off programmatic, but put programmatic in its place while we work directly with advertisers and marketers to meet their needs. The thing is, we have to get a lot better at it and fast.

Can we fit a few more publishers in? Yes. We’ll make room, so reach out about attending. If you can’t make it, keep an eye out for the output. We plan to use Thursday as a catalyst for a lot more conversations.

Call to Action - The FTC needs to hear from you

Currently, the FTC is asking the public to submit written comments related to digital advertising. We think they might be interested in hearing from publishers who will be directly impacted by any new rulemaking. I wanted to flag this since this seems like the type of "speak up" opportunity you might want to include in your newsletters. Logistically, the FTC is accepting comments until October 21 and folks can submit them here.

The form is pretty straightforward, and comments can be anything from a couple of sentences submitted anonymously to a personal experience in the digital advertising industry to a full essay on behalf of your company.

Who's Your Q4 Hero?

Is there someone on your AdOps team who is a Q4 Hero? A rockstar who does it all and does it well even during crunch time? Email us who they are and why you’re nominating them as your team’s Q4 Hero.

We’ll share a code for them to grab an official, limited-edition Beeler.Tech Q4 Hero shirt on our store!
This week's episode of Beeler.Tech version of "Real World"
  • CPM Trends
  • Future of AdBlock
  • Industry Benchmarks
  • First-Party Data Strategies
  • Newsletter questions for B2B Publishers

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