October 11: Convos past, convos future

newsletter Oct 11, 2022

Have you really looked at the Crossroads agenda? 

We have an incredible agenda planned for Publisher Revenue Crossroads on October 20 covering all things direct-sold advertising.

This full-day in-person event in NYC offers a focused day of programming, including collaborative breakout sessions designed to facilitate thoughtful conversation among you and your peers.

Agenda Highlights  

Keynote: Warren Zenna and Rob Beeler discuss: Are you asking the right revenue operations questions? 
Warren Zenna, Founder and CEO of The CRO Collective, will help us kick off the day by outlining a roadmap to getting these teams on the same page and scaling revenue.

Collaborative breakout: Will programmatic direct take off?
We know that what is possible in the open marketplace can be constrained by the combination of cookie deprecation and/or state-driven regulation policies. We’ll discuss what we need to do to take advantage of this opportunity and not be such a buy-side-driven industry.

Collaborative breakout: RFP should not mean Rushed, Forced, and Painful
Why do most of us cringe when we see one come into our inbox? Is it because they can feel like a midterm test we haven't studied for? We’ll discuss best practices that will make RFPs more like a pop quiz on our favorite subject.

Collaborative breakout: Publisher first-party data strategies need help being sold
Buyers don't seem to pay much attention to pub data, and they won't blink an eye while 3rd-party cookies still prevail. So, do we sit on our asses and wait until the 3rd-party cookie well runs dry, or do we start making first-party data matter now?

Full group session: Long-term thinking is where it's at. Easier said than done. 
Your relationship with your audience is a key component of future-proofing your business, but can be continually tested by short-term revenue thinking. How do we make publishers understand that without an audience, everything else is for naught?

Check out the full agenda, and be sure to request a pass today if you’d like to participate – only a handful of passes are left.
Lots of specific questions this week:
  • Magnite Video?
  • Pushly?
  • Trade Desk Open Path?
  • Privacy & age targeting
  • AdNode? Tungsten?
  • Where are my reports, Google?

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