November 7: Feeling good about the future?

newsletter Nov 07, 2022
Feeling good about the future? 

Optimistic might not be the first word any of us think of when we look ahead to 2023 – or is it?  Twice this week, I’ve had conversations with community members (shout out to Jana Meron and Dan Rua) who have pointed out the incredible opportunity that we as publisher revenue executives have in helping our businesses navigate a tumultuous business environment.  

That’s why from my perspective, it’s more important than ever to plug into our community. No doubt there are tough times ahead, but our community remains a place for peer-to-peer conversations and support that don’t happen anywhere else. If you have someone on your team who isn’t involved, or you know someone new to our industry, please consider sharing this newsletter with them so they can subscribe and get up to speed on all of the ways we here at Beeler.Tech put community > complexity.

Base Camp 2023 Agenda 

Responses to participate in Base Camp 2023 have been amazing from both publishers in our community and our partners. Now is the time to raise your hand as we collaborate to build the agenda over the next few weeks. We will be thinking through how the buy side is going to get involved and how we want to discuss that with attendees.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes... Some work in AdTech

“She is truly invaluable to our team, in Q4 and all days.” 
“He does it all well and does it with a positive attitude!” 
“You won’t find anyone more dedicated to get Q4 done!”

These are just a few examples of the incredible feedback that we’ve heard since launching our call for Q4 heroes. If you have someone on your team who you’d like to recognize for their hard work, there’s still time to nominate them as your Q4 HeroEmail us who they are and why you’re nominating them as your team’s Q4 Hero. We’ll share a code for them to grab an official, limited-edition Beeler.Tech Q4 Hero shirt on our store!
We have a comprehensive list of resources and tools that folks in revenue operations and related teams are using. 

Whether you have someone on your team who is new to the industry or you’d like to brush up on all things digital, keep these resources handy. 

If you have an addition or if you want to be an ongoing active contributor, let us know!
Recaps of what's being talked about in our publisher only slack. Want to join?

Beeler.Tech Community and Industry

Upcoming Beeler.Tech events:

​Fridays at 4 PM: Beeler.Tech Virtual Happy Hour
February 26 - March 1: Publisher Revenue Base Camp: Newport Beach, CA
Upcoming industry events:
November 6 - 9 - AdMonsters Publisher Forum - Nashville (we're here!)
November 10:
November 13 - 17: AFROTECH Conference: Austin
November 15: ADTECH - OOH Los Angeles
November 17 - 18: Lead-to-Cash Bash - Disney (we'll be there)
Featured Job Opportunity

Google is looking for a Product Go-To-Market Lead, Publisher Identity and Data Solutions. This person will work with cross-functional teams, including Global Strategy, Product Management, gTech, and Marketing to develop sales strategies and programs that enable our publishing partners to build and grow sustainable advertising businesses. Does this sound like you? Click here to learn more about the role and to apply.

Job Listings

Ad Operations Specialist - Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. 
Manager, Account Management - Blockboard


Job Seekers
We're not recruiters, but we help people find their next opportunity. Learn more.

Job Seeker #92
Orange County-based professional with over 15 years of digital advertising experience, focused on infusing cutting edge ad tech offerings to maximize revenue. A strategic and operational leader overseeing day-to-day revenue activities, including ad operations, programmatic, sales enablement, strategic pricing, and customer success.  Oversaw company programmatic strategy, SSP management, demand source evaluation and implementation, private marketplace management, and vendor relationship management.  Initiated and deployed company ad tech strategy, management of first-party data, identity, and contextual advertising efforts.  Proactive, ongoing guidance of ad tech trends and developments with internal stakeholders to drive support of needs and solutions.  Proven track record of reliably delivering against operational goals and working with cross-functional teams to successfully implement integrated, custom, direct and programmatic advertising campaigns.

Hiring? Please submit the opening on our job board. There’s no cost, and you might just find the talent you are looking for.
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