November 14: Learnings from Nashville?

Nov 14, 2022
Veteran's Day should be every day, but it's good to focus your energy and your thoughts at a minimum once a day on those who serve. A reminder that we support the TD Foundation and 100% of any money we collect on TD Foundation gear goes to them. 

What did I learn in Nashville at the AdMonsters Pub Forum?
  • Apparently, I'm not a songwriter. "Ad Ops Manager Blues" didn't crack the top 3 songs submitted as part of the Sunday night workgroups. I'm still going to record it.
  • The Prebid panel had a ton of insights. "Shared ID is not an identity strategy, it's an addressability strategy" - Gavin got a lot of the awesomeness nuggets here.
  • #ProtectDirect - we only scratched the surface in our session.
  • I learned that singing "Firework" by Katy Perry isn't worth losing my voice.
  • Pubs can't do it alone and we're going to need partners to step up. Great convo with Sarah from Browsi and Jeff from Magnite. AI will drive some ops decisions in the future!
  • I learned that singing "Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi isn't worth losing my voice.
  • Pubs should really learn from each other about buying media while we wait for the buy-side to determine what comes next. This applies to data clean rooms, audience extension, etc.
  • I learned that if one is going to enjoy Nashville cuisine, one should pack at least one larger size shirt for later in the week. I almost had a wardrobe malfunction of the worst kind.
  • To be fair, I actually never learned my lesson about singing too loud. Some lessons just aren't worth learning.

Next Event: this week off to Orlando for Lead-to-Cash Bash and then Base Camp comes into focus.

No publisher can thrive without partners in this business. Some of those partners should be other publishers. I truly believe that publishers must collaborate with each other to be successful. While this sentiment is widely shared, only at Base Camp do we start each session with one of two sentences:
  • How can we collaborate to move the publisher agenda forward?
  • How can we collaborate to make sure the buy side spends more with us?

We have a short window to come together and fix some of the inequities in the industry. At Base Camp, we're going to set some of those fixes in motion.

At this year’s Base Camp, our community-driven agenda will dive deep into the heart of the critical factors that shape how we run our businesses and maintain a free and open web. This invite-only event is your chance to step away from the day-to-day and have focused conversations with trusted peers who are navigating a similar course.

Base Camp is invitation-only but you can still request an invite.

Learn more about Base Camp

Beeler.Tech Connect Happy Hour Detroit 

Beeler.Tech Connect: Detroit - NEW
December 8 at 5 p.m. ET

We’re hosting our first Beeler.Tech Connect event in the Motor City at Two Birds Detroit on December 8. The goal of Beeler.Tech Connect events are to bring our community of digital advertising folks together for the opportunity to build and strengthen relationships.

Join us for an informal gathering of professionals from across digital. No pitches, panels, or forced interactions. Just grab a drink (the first is on us!) and grow your network of locally-based peers.

Publishers, agencies, ad tech, brands, consultants - everyone is welcome!

Register here

Feel free to share with industry friends, but please ask everyone to register.

Let me be your HERO... your Q4 HERO

Q4 HERO Spotlight

“With one team member out and campaigns piling up, this Q4 Hero has stepped up to the plate and made sure the trains keep running. They have QA'd campaigns, helped train the team, managed reports/inventory/you-name-it, and much more, all while flawlessly managing their own book of business. They are truly invaluable to our team, in Q4 and all days”

If you have someone on your team who you’d like to recognize for their hard work, there’s still time to nominate them as your Q4 Hero. Email us who they are and why you’re nominating them so they can grab an official, limited-edition, Beeler.Tech Q4 Hero shirt in our store.
Feedback request from the IAB
Agencies, publishers, and brands - are you working with data clean rooms? If so, the IAB would like to talk to you regarding some research they are doing.
Contact Angelina Eng for details.

Articles that caught our eye during the past week:
Recaps of what's being talked about in our publisher-only slack. Want to join?
  • PPID benefits?
  • Campaign Manager KPIs
  • CTV Consent Frameworks
  • In App - our In App channel is super active!
  • Does anyone have any REAL insights into CTV eCPM's EU, Japan, Australia, Korea?
  • Does anyone here have experience working with cannabis content
Upcoming Beeler.Tech events:

​Fridays at 4 PM: Beeler.Tech Virtual Happy Hour
February 26 - March 1: Publisher Revenue Base Camp: Newport Beach, CA
Upcoming industry events:
November 15: Spotlight: Recession-proofing strategies for creative production
November 16: App Growth Summit Austin 2022
November 17 - 18: MarTech Summit
November 17 - 18: Lead-to-Cash Bash - Disney (we'll be there)
Recent layoffs

There have been a lot of people put out of work recently; both Twitter and Meta recently did big layoffs. People are posting open roles and offers of help to their networks all over LinkedIn. A beautiful thing. 
This Open Positions sheet is making the rounds. (This isn't ours and since it's open to all, always beware of the potential for nefarious links.)
We want to do our part! 
  • Job board - we will continue to keep our job board robust and free. Anyone can submit a role here. Lots of ad/revenue ops roles, but can also include product, analytics, sales, and engineering. Really anything in the digital ad space.
  • Job seekers - we will continue with our free job seekers program. Anyone looking for a role can write up a short synopsis of what they want to do next, anonymous or named, and send it to us. We will post and promote it.
Feel free to plug your friends into our resources if they don’t know us.
If your organization is looking to hire, let’s get those roles on our job board. And if you need a great recruiter, we partner with one. Contact us, we will make an introduction. 

Finally, if you are looking, or between things, we are here for you. Reach out, if you want to connect and talk.
We are here for the community, in good times and in tougher times.

Job Listings

Programmatic Ad Operations Specialist - Slate
Product Marketing Manager - Publishers - Equitv
Yield Analyst (Ad Sales) - Match Media Group
User Experience (UX) Strategist - FatTail
Account Manager - Dominion Enterprises 
Technical Ad Operations Specialist, North Americas & LatAm - BBC News
View our job board for a complete list of opportunities. Hiring? Please submit the opening on our job board. There’s no cost, and you might just find the talent you are looking for.

Job Seekers

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