Newsletter Week 28: An invitation response - one year late

articles Jul 26, 2021

No need to name names, but I got an email yesterday from someone who wasn't sure they could make it to an event I invited her to. Confused, I read through my invite to her and found out that this was an email from last year. Apparently, she finally got around to clearing her inbox. Amusing? Yes. Of course, she got back to me. Some of you I'm still waiting to hear from....<clears my throat>....

Breaking News: AdWeek Reader's Choice Awards Announced for Diversity Advocates of the Year!

Congrats Erik and Kerel!

Beeler.Brief on Identity

This Beeler.Brief is a summation of a publisher only conversation that I hosted about identity solutions. Feel free to comment on the content and on the format. I'm going to work with partners and people in the community to create content in this short video format. It'll be raw (just look at the transcription of this one. Ouch!), It'll get better: I'll add polish as things start to gel. If you have an idea for content, email me.

Ad Ops Related Podcasts your thing? I've got something for you.

I've been adding so many podcasts to the weekly content list that I decided to create a Ad Ops Spotify Playlist. It's collaborative, so you can add what I've missed. For now, I just took a sample from various feeds. DM me what I'm missing or add them yourselves. Yeah, yeah – I'll get to an Apple version or whatever when I can.

I'll also announce Beeler.Tech is collaborating with Bryan Barletta ( to grow, learn, discuss podcasting within our community. Follow him while Bryan and I work through what our next steps are.

Beeler.Tech Publisher-Only Summer Party for Publishers Only - WEDNESDAY IN NYC, Pubs!

Location and time to be shared only with approved publishers. Yes, that's 4 reminders it's for publishers only. I wonder if any non-publishers are going to ask to attend? I'm sure there will be. In the future, we'll have more open events. We already help organize Beer, Ad Ops and Ad Tech events all over the world. But for now this is for publishers. Click here to get approved for Wednesday's event. Don't worry, we'll have a roof over our heads. (note: we are nearing capacity - register as soon as you can).

Speaking of B&A&A: August 4 at 6 PM ET Beer, Ad Ops & Ad Tech Detroit starts up again

Help us get the word out if you know someone in the Motor City. I (Rob Beeler) won't be there. I know it says I will, but I'm not. Feel free to congregate without me!

Automotive Summit Continues (I think it has more episodes than The Walking Dead)

Auto folk: you know your schedule. If you're focused on automotive and just reading this, contact us immediately.
Today's agenda:

  • Google Privacy Sandbox Update
  • Ad Quality Roundtable

Next week: A Buy Side Perspective!

Can I still get a TD Foundation Hat? YES!

We will continue to contribute to the TD Foundation any sale of products we've designed for them. 


Partners: Week 28 of In View has been posted. Log in to Beeler.Tech to see.

(reply if you want to know what "In View" means)



Slack Convos with Publishers on Beeler.Tech

  • Has anyone seen spend or not seen spend due to TAG certification?
  • Windows 365
  • Mobile web in app numbers
  • GAM - "Serving Restriction" issues
  • Conversion tracking

If you're a publisher, it's not too late to join the conversation. DM for details! Note: partners get a summary of these discussions. Become a partner.

Giving credit where credit is due: Great Content We Liked this Week

More on this in upcoming newsletters, but I'm working with Bryan Barletta of $ounds Profitable on getting more people into podcasting! Want to get ahead of everyone else? Start reading, watching and listening his amazing content.

ID Central is on sabbatical. I need to focus on other parts of the business right now.

Beeler.Tech Virtual Happy Hour - the one where I dialed it in (from the beach)

We're still going strong. Come on, stop by!

Word of the week: expropriate, forwallowed: (15th century): weary from tossing and turning all night. Thanks Scott!

Lost the VHH Link? Go No Further. Here it is.

Events coming up

(all times ET unless otherwise noted)

This is just a sample of our full list. Email us at [email protected] to add your events.

Whispers of Jobs not listed yet. NEW Whispers added to our Whisper page!

(jobs/gigs that we don't have a link for but know are out there - email us for details)

Sales Director (two companies hiring in this area, both are Platforms) 

  • Seasoned individual contributors with relevant ad ecosystem experience (Ad- or Mar-tech sales experience)
  • Must be experienced in the programmatic ecosystem
  • Enterprise SaaS sales experience (ARR business)
  • These roles are net new business roles, one is selling to agencies, the other a mix of publishers and brand marketer direct. 
  • One requires NYC metro area - will eventually return to office 2-3x per week; the other is open on location.  

Manager or Director, Customer Success (company is a Platform) 

  • Lead the day-to-day relationship of the account(s) and collaborate with commercial and technical teams to identify additional revenue opportunities and effectively meet and exceed account revenue growth goals.
  • NYC metro area - will eventually return to office 2-3x per week.

Job Listings - Let's get these jobs filled!

(see the Hiring Heroes note below)

Job Seekers – help them find their next big break!

If you are actively looking for a new gig, we should have you in our job seekers section! But for those of you just thinking about your next move, the job seeker’s post allows you to gather and share your thoughts on what you want your next move to be. It can open up conversations and help you get a feel for the market. Take a look at the postings, write something up and send it to us. Nicholas will find you a snazzy graphic, post your description to the site and then promote on social. Let us help you!

Job Seeker #27: This Greater Los Angeles based individual has more than 15 years experience leading Digital Ad Operations teams across several small and medium-sized publisher sites.  He has worked in Advertising Operations his entire career, starting in Broadcast and Print as well as a transition to Account Management and Client Services.  In his AdOps and Yield roles, he has worked with most of the larger ad servers (including DFP/Ad Manager since 2001) and with hundreds of direct advertisers, agencies, ad networks and all forms of Programmatic buying.  For the past eight years, he has worked for publishers that have focused on Women's Health/Lifestyle as well as the credit, banking and financial services sector managing teams ranging from one to 10 people.  This individual specializes in creating advanced procedures and processes that focus on increasing productivity as well as reducing mistakes and miscommunication down to near zero - processes that build trust as well as obtaining total buy-in from all team members for 100% alignment.  

If you are looking to fill an open role, review our job seekers, we may have the perfect person for you. Send us a note and we’ll make the introduction!

Final Thoughts

I only recently learned about this website: - a movement created, by men and for men, to focus on creating improved physical and psychological safety for WOMEN. This group is kept accountable by a diverse council of women of different ages, backgrounds and race.

They posted this graphic in their forum. As we return to conferences, we have an opportunity to leave bad behaviors behind. Let's create safe spaces for people. Let's not push a "you must drink to be successful" environment. As someone who produces events, I'm going to be even more vigilant that people are safe. Join me in helping protect other people at events and in the workplace.

Thank you for subscribing.  This newsletter is a labor of love and I appreciate the time and attention you give to it.  Feel free to reach out with any feedback - positive or negative, as it’ll help improve this letter for everyone. If this newsletter was forwarded to you, you can subscribe here.

Beeler Out.

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