May 31st: Are we ready for multiverse tracking?

May 31, 2022

Third-party cookie deprecation. Increasing and more aggressive regulations. Potential breakup of Google. Like the Marvel Universe, no good-intentioned plan comes without unintended consequences... potentially catastrophic ones.

In Vegas for Programmatic IO there was a lot of talk about tech that is going to help us bridge to the other side of all this if anyone really knows how this is going to play out. 

The fact is while 3rd-party cookies exist and regulations aren't strictly enforced, it's really hard to tell which world we really live in. Do I know if all this new-fangled tech works and will stand the test of time? Maybe?

Three publisher sessions in Vegas – Downinghall, Glogovsky and Meron – all had common themes: think long term. Simplify your stack. Create the right ad experiences. Do right by your readers. These weren't sessions about new tech. They were all about getting back to what it means to be a publisher. We call it #userfirst thinking and think it's the only way forward.

That doesn't mean new tech solutions aren't attractive, but until we know which universe we will eventually live in, it's hard to build our businesses around tech that is unproven. We should test and we should learn. We should never forget the user/visitor/reader/person who truly powers our businesses.


Base Camp Recap


The recap recording can be found here if you have an account on Beeler.Tech. If you don't, hit up [email protected] and we'll get you set up. More details about the Base Camp initiatives are coming out soon!

AdMonsters Ops Countdown

I'll be there all 1.5 days soaking in all the ops-focused conversations. Register today! Some highlights from my perspective:

  • Programmania will have sessions with the IAB TechLab, Prebid and W3C.
  • Kerel Cooper has his first keynote presentation. He deserves the spotlight!

Beeler is heading to London!


I'll be in London the week of June 12 for ExchangeWire's ATS event but that's not all. I'm thinking about some get-togethers (dinners, happy hours, meetings) which I'll share as that week approaches!

On the calendar already: Dinner with DanAds. Publishers only on 14th of June at 6 p.m.. 

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