May 23rd: To Ad or Not to Ad

May 23, 2022

A week ago, I posted on LinkedIn: "A world without advertising would be split between those who can afford to get news and those who cannot." One of the responses to my quote: "Advertising is a psychological operation with the sole intention of manipulation. It removes free choice..."

I think a lot about his position on advertising since he posted his comments because on the one hand, I too would love a world without advertising.

Imagine there's no advertising. I wonder if you can... Nice, right?

But on the other hand, I think of the Ricky Gervais movie, The Invention of Lying. Follow my mental jump: if we live in a world where businesses compete and businesses didn't use advertising, the first one that does advertise would win. Persuasion doesn't mean manipulation...or it doesn't have to be.

Which brings me to my third hand (I should have studied more in biology class), we on the ad tech side of advertising hang out with some pretty seedy people a.k.a. the manipulators, the system gamers, and the fraudsters. You might run a tight ship and you may select your partners wisely. But your partner's partners are suss. Your partner's partner's partners are sketchy at best. 

It's fitting that I'm writing this while in Vegas. I'm one of those people who can have good, clean fun seeing a show and hitting the craps tables. But the seedy side is always right there and can't be ignored.

Even three-handed, I can't fix Vegas. I can try to make ad tech a better place, however. I hope by next week you'll see a new section on the Beeler.Tech site to longer-term thinking and putting people first in how we do business. Stay tuned (or is that being too manipulative?).

(BTW, the photo is Shenan Reed, SVP of Media at L'Oréal. She's amazing if you don't follow her.)


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The recap recording can be found here if you have an account on Beeler.Tech. If you don't, hit up [email protected] and we'll get you set up. More details about the Base Camp initiatives are coming out soon!

Or you can just watch Nick Gardiner's perspective on his Base Camp experience and speaks to the approach we've taken with the Base Camp concept.

Viva Las Beeler!

I'm here.

AdMonsters Ops Countdown

I'll be there all 1.5 days soaking in all the ops-focused conversations. Register today! Some highlights from my perspective:

  • Programmania will have sessions with the IAB TechLab, Prebid and W3C.
  • Kerel Cooper has his first keynote presentation. He deserves the spotlight!

Beeler is heading to London!


I'll be in London the week of June 12 for ExchangeWire's ATS event but that's not all. I'm thinking about some get-togethers (dinners, happy hours, meetings) which I'll share as that week approaches!

On the calendar already: Dinner with DanAds. Publishers only on 14th of June at 6 p.m.. 


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