May 16: We're not done Base Campin'

May 16, 2022
Base Camp is more than getting people together in Boulder. Our goal for the conference was to continue to collaborate with the community on key initiatives. We've identified 4 key areas where we will be putting our energy with help from the Beeler.Tech community:
  • The talent crisis – more talent with more training
  • Our inefficiencies – mapping processes to establish better best practices
  • Protecting our future – #userfirst and other initiatives to push forward
  • Specific topics our community wants us to help push forward, SDA for example

Now, you can wait until these things come out or you can see how we plan to tackle everything on May 18 at 12 p.m. ET. We will be hosting a Boulder Base Camp Recap. There is a fee unless you are a publisher in our community OR a Base Camp VIP OR a Beeler.Tech Partner. Here's the link!

Viva Las Beeler!

Just a heads-up that I've booked my flights and booked my room. I'll even be around on Sunday if anyone gets in early. Is AdTech the gamble we all think it is? We'll find out!

Viva Las Ops!

(I'm not sure that makes sense)

I'll be there all 1.5 days soaking in all the ops-focused conversations. Register today!

Top Women in Media honorees have been announced!

Shout outs to:

  • Jana Meron of Insider
  • Joanna Burton of ID5
  • Katie Millington of Permutive
  • Morgan Martins of Confiant
  • Natalia Alonso of FatTail
  • Rachel Friedman of FatTail
  • Rosie O'Meara of GroundTruth
  • Stephanie Mazzamaro of TMB

See all the honorees here.

Beeler is heading to London!

I'll be in London the week of June 12 for ExchangeWire's ATS event but that's not all. I'm thinking about some get-togethers (dinners, happy hours, meetings) which I'll share as that week approaches!

Cannes'nt do it. No France this year.

Look: I love as much as anyone spending a week trying to talk myself onto people's yachts and into private parties. It's just not in the plans this year.

What caught our eye this week



Chats in our Slack

  • Smart News
  • CMP - reject all buttons?
  • Bad Creatives In-app
  • Google PPID anyone?

Job listings

Is it safe to say we are the biggest Ad Ops/Ad Tech Job Board in the Universe?

Have a job to post? It's free! Submit it here!

Is the job not quite public? We'll include it on our Whispers page.
Business Intelligence Analyst, Advertising - Zillow - Remote / USA
Associate Director, Marketing Operations - Walmart - Hoboken, NJ
Billing Operations/Revenue Cycle Director - Walmart - Hoboken, NJ
AdOps/Analytics Coordinator - Copacino Fujikado - Seattle, Washington
OTT Programmatic Ad Tech Manager - The E.W. Scripps Company - New York, NY
Project Manager, Privacy - Walmart - Bentonville, AR

Job seekers

We're not recruiters, but we help people find their next opportunity. Learn more.

Job Seeker #78
This New York-based individual has experience in the agency, publisher, programmatic worlds with an interest in CTV &Site tagging with the ability to create documentation on the fly. Showing grit/ technical problem-solving skills and excellence for account management, business, technical ad campaign management, and data analysis. He is able to easily pick up technical concepts, dashboards, and ad tech vernacular, there is no task too large or small. He is used to working cross-functionally with engineering, product, ad operations, international teams, and more. For his next career move. Looking for Senior manager/associate director roles/director roles. 



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