March 6: For St. Pete's Sake, it's gorgeous here

articles Mar 07, 2022

(My St. Pete's attire)

Melissa and I are in St. Petersburg, Florida for AdMonsters Pub Forum. She got to see manatees. I did not. That's not bitterness you are detecting. None at all. For the first time in all my years of travel, I overslept. Groggy, I rebooked my flight only to miss that flight as well. No manatees for me. :(

No doubt the event is going to suck up our time which means next week's newsletter is probably going to be a let down. One subscriber has told us that this newsletter "makes Mondays better" which is an amazing compliment. I thought about helping rebrand Mondays into something people look forward to as a potential future aspiration. Not next week though. Hey – I'm just warning you.

Oh, Akilah, you don't know the half of what's in store for people using the Internet.

Beeler.Tech exclusive content!

We call them Beeler.Briefs because they are meant to be short, easy-to-consume videos on important topics. We've had two people recently contribute to the site:

New Episode of Beeler.Cast this week!

Beeler.Cast EP 207: Will Doherty

Will Doherty is VP Inventory Development at The Trade Desk. I want to talk to him about OpenPath and what it means to publishers and to the industry. It's a podcast, but we'd love for people to watch it live and give me questions. Will says he's ready to debunk some myths that have already emerged and answer the hard questions. Bring it!

Click here to register! 

Ads for Charity

Kevin Lee and the Giving Forward (a 501c3) team is deploying a new cause marketing / donation platform to help Ukraine with humanitarian aid.

They are looking for as much unsold inventory as we can find, at a Penny PMP / Direct Buy, or donations.


  1. Ukraine-focused donation page on Giving Forward’s SweepsForACause with high converting offer (due to philanthropic sweeps), so more efficient than regular PSA
  2. Banners are higher CTR than regular PSAs, so more efficient has all the banners. Please use the ones with the NL or contact me for ad-tags.
  3. We need donated ad space or penny CPM PMP, penny direct-buy. Including passbacks, priority14 (or better) and brand unsafe.
  4. Put publisher in UTM for case studies or reach.

Quick call to discuss?
Or just grab the banners from and start sending traffic. 

For the kids

  • My son, Nate Beeler, is looking for an internship for the summer. He's been going to school for Video Game Production Management but is open to being in the media industry. Give me a ring if you have something.
  • A friend's daughter has been working for PR firms over the past 2 years and is eager to transition to a publishing or event role. Reach out if you know of any opportunities.
  • I've been mentoring a student who wants to be an entertainment reporter. Anyone have any connections?

Harder, Better, Faster, Boulder

Thanks Kanye for that.

Saving more announcements about Boulder until next week. Yes, earlier in the newsletter I downplayed next week's newsletter, but do you honestly think I'm not planning for more updates? Don't you know who I am?  Lots going on behind the scenes. Listen: it doesn't hurt to ask for an invitation. It is very possible that in picking out who I think should attend, I missed your name. Also, there will be other things that spin out of this one event – you showing interest helps me consider you for the future:


If you haven't asked for an invitation, fill out the form on our event page.
If you want to be a VIP (a tech company who attends), join the waiting list.

Registration is open, so if you've been invited, look for the information on how to register.


Content we appreciate

Our Peeps + Partners: if you are in the news anywhere, let us know! We want to support you (and it's hard to keep up on every source)!
Hot Takes

In View/Slack Stuff:

Beeler.Tech Slack is back with a vengeance! Pubs, you're going to want to slide back into slack to catch all of this. Here's the application to join. Partners, we'll give you a report of what's relevant.
  • Dynamic Flooring
  • Brand Safety
  • OMS Evaluations

and a lot more!

Job Listings

Is it safe to say we are the biggest Ad Ops/Ad Tech Job Board in the Universe?

Have a job to post? It's free! Submit it here!

Is the job not quite public? We'll include it on our Whispers page.

Senior Publisher Account Manager - Lasso - New York, NY (Remote Flexible)
Head of International Commercial Product - CNN - London, England
Partner Operations Lead - Strava - San Francisco, CA, Denver, CO, Remote (USA), Bristol, UK
Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition - Tribune Publishing Company - Remote
Director, Product Strategy - APEX Exchange, Publicis Groupe - Chicago (remote considered)
Director, Programmatic Solutions Engineer - Timehop - Remote
Associate Ad Operations Director - Match Media Group - New York, NY
Director, Marketing Operations - eComm, Head of Ad Operations - Walmart Connect - Hoboken, NJ
Programmatic Account Director - Timehop, Inc - Remote

Job Seekers

Actively looking for a new gig or want to see what's out there? Become a Job Seeker and post anonymously what you're looking for in your next job. Take a chance that someone needs what you want to do!

If you are looking to fill an open role, review our job seekers, we may have the perfect person for you. Send us a note and we’ll make the introduction!

Industry Events

Our Full List of User Submitted Events
Email us at [email protected] to add your events.

All times are ET.

March 6-8: 12th Annual LOAC 2022 Local Advertising Conference
March 6-8: Borrell Miami 2022
March 6-9: AdMonsters Pub Forum St. Petersburg <- we're here!
March 7-10: TV & Video Insider Summit
March 8: TWIPN International Women's Day
March 9 at 2:00 p.m. - IAB Digital Media Apprenticeship Panel Discussion
March 11-20: SXSW Conference
March 17: Brand Safety Summit Singapore
March 20-23: Brand Insider Summit: D2C
March 23-26: Data & Programmatic Insider Summit
March 24 at 4:00 a.m. - Brand Safety Summit London
March 24 at 6:00 p.m. - NKF NY Gala: Mission Possible!
March 28-30 at 4:00 p.m. - Digiday Publishing Summit
March 29 at 6:00 p.m. - The TD Foundation 16th Annual Holiday Gala <there!

April 5-7: Digiday Media Buying Summit

... (other people's stuff and Virtual Happy Hours)

May 1 - May 4: Publisher Revenue Base Camp: Boulder, CO <Beeler.Tech!

Go to our industry event calendar to check out the full list.


Virtual Happy Hour Fridays @ 4 p.m. EST

Register here for all of 2022! VHH requires registration and approval. <--- Register now, so we aren't approving everyone at 3:55!

Join us and you'll get access to our Discord server. Don't you want to tell the teenager in your life that you're on Discord? 

Final Thoughts

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