March 28: James Bond: license to kill, but still needs to get consent

articles Mar 28, 2022

This is going some place, I promise you.  OneTrust asked me to record a talk for their event, Digital Privacy Experience Summit, which is this week on Thursday. I submitted my tux headshot and they used it:

If you want, my co-panelist Feras Ahmed makes a joke about me looking like James Bond and then weaves in a number of Bond movie references. 

Which got me thinking – 007 has a license to kill, but under EU regulation does he still need to get consent to kill? Also, "007" is an identifier, but is it PII? I think it is. You could make a cohort called "MI6", but I'm not sure regulators would buy that. 

Which brings us to a publisher-only call we had this week about non-TCF consent solutions. My take on it: our trade organizations make rules based on self-reporting with enough gaps for companies to wiggle out of being accountable. With something like TCF, a publisher is on the line for all the ad tech companies that work with other ad tech companies that work with other ad tech companies who are all supposed to "honor" your consent signals. You are who you surround yourself with and with ad tech, you're at most 3 hops from people without your best interests (or your users) in mind. Our systems and our standards need to allow us to weed those parties out.

Responsibility falls on the publisher (again) to push harder to adopt the spirit of the regulations that are coming this way AND to push on vendors to step up their game. "Checking the box" solutions without taking responsibility should no longer be an option.

This is No Time to Die. Offer your audiences content For Your Eyes Only. Otherwise, Dr. No is going to wreak further havoc on our industry. 

Beeler Out.

Pump up the Base (Camp)

Spent all weekend in the lab working on the agenda, but not ready to share more at this point.

Event page updated! If you've been unsure what all that we are going to accomplish before, during and after Base Camp, check out the agenda nitty-gritty at the bottom of the page.

It's f'ing ambitious, but I'll dare say needed. There are a lot of things we need to sort out so we can move forward. 

More to come. Can't wait to tell you all that we have in store!

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