June 27: Cannes or CannesinNY: is there a debate?

Jun 27, 2022
Before we go any further: To the extent Beeler.Tech can control the location of our events, we will not be hosting events in states where abortion is illegal. As we look at Base Camp 2, we've already eliminated some locations based on this new policy.

(I cropped out the Empire State Building trying to photobomb us)

So which is it? Cannes or Cannes in NY? Is there any debate over which is better? No. This isn't even a discussion. However, Mr. Kraft did throw a most excellent shindig and we enjoyed ourselves. I just don't want to hear anyone bitching about missed connections on the way back.

New Newsletter Feature: A Poll!
Clean Rooms – standalone or a feature?

Clean rooms are all the rage, but what are their long term prospects? Are they independent entities or will they become part of another solution (like a DMP/CDP or SSP/DSP)?

A poll for everyone. Two questions. Real time results + We will publish a summary by next week.

Great response so far, but we want more data!

Here's the deal: the survey is only for publishers and it is only for publishers in the Beeler.Tech community. Why? Since it's an anonymous self-reported survey, keeping it to people who we've vetted should improve the validity and quality of the responses.

A publisher but not part of the community? Time to apply!

The more responses we get, the better. We also have an Excel version for managers to make it easier. The results will be shared far and wide. Based on how this round goes, we'll expand to include agencies, tech companies, etc.

Links to the survey will be sent to our publishers and made available in Slack.

Londoners: Assemble!

Beer, Ad Ops & Ad Tech is back in London on June 29th. 


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Programmatic Operations Manager - The Atlantic - Remote
Data Manager - Hearst UK - London, England
Yield Optimization Manager - MediaLab - Santa Monica, CA

Product Intelligence Manager, Consumer - POLITICO - Arlington, VA
Digital Account Manager, Client Services - Disney - London, United Kingdom
Director, Partner Success - iSOCRATES - St. Petersburg, FL / Remote

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Job Seeker #85
Director level Publisher / Programmatic professional with 10+ years experience in actively growing and optimizing advertising revenue by working with: DSPs, SSPs, Advertisers, Data & Identity partners. Achieved by executing new partner integrations, yield optimization, formulating strategic partnerships, and by introducing new sales strategies & ad products.  Executed by cross functionally working with C-Level/SVPs, legal, sales, finance, product, and engineering. Open to US /  Remote opportunities at the Director level.



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