June 21st: Time to Make the Donuts

Jun 20, 2022

Boulder + Vegas + NYC for OPS + London for a week = NJ not Cannes. It was probably the number one question I was asked in London, "are you going to Cannes?". Okay, that's not the number one question – it was, "where did you get those lavender sneakers?" IYKYK.

It's not that I didn't want to go to Cannes, but more the importance of moving forward on all the projects coming out of Base Camp. I need some roll-up-my-sleeves time to kick things off...

Like the return of the Salary Survey!


Here's the deal: the survey is only for publishers and it is only for publishers in the Beeler.Tech community. Why? Since it's an anonymous self-reported survey, keeping it to people who we've vetted should improve the validity and quality of the responses.

A publisher but not part of the community? Time to apply!

The more responses we get, the better. We also have an Excel version for managers to make it easier. The results will be shared far and wide. Based on how this round goes, we'll expand to include agencies, tech companies, etc.

Links to the survey will be sent to our publishers and made available in Slack.

Where was I? Oh, right. Cannes.

So, will I and should you FOMO over the posts from Cannes? A bit. We talk like everything in our industry is programmatic, but the truth is that it's a business of relationships and apparently those are formed in queues trying to get on yachts while drinking rosé. Who wouldn't want to do that?

But if you aren't reading this newsletter from the South of France, know that we are on the clock to get so much done in this industry. Let Cannes be Cannes while you plot your next move. If your role is to make things work, all eyes will be on you soon enough. Be glad you have this time to work on it.

I should add that I have a few lines for some #CannesInNYC events going on. Ping me if interested and I'll alert the organizers.

Also, Beer, Ad Ops & Ad Tech is back in London on June 29th. Patrick, if you're out there, let me know. I've got too many people asking for BA&A to return.


Chats in our Slack

  • Vendors for 1st-party audiences
  • In App Viewability issues
  • native programmatic vendors?
  • Anyone willing to share what you've found the ideal number of client side Prebid partners to be?
  • Does anyone else think that PG/PD is actually more operational overhead rather than less?
  • Has anyone used, or is anyone using, more than one identity partner?
  • Self-Serve Strategies

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Product Intelligence Manager, Consumer - POLITICO - Arlington, VA
Digital Account Manager, Client Services - Disney - London, United Kingdom
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Partner Success Manager - iSOCRATES - St. Petersburg, FL / Remote

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In the 10 + years in the industry has worked on multiple client accounts scheduling various products into various ad servers. Has experience with reporting and analytics and worked with various creative types such as static, video, native, rich media including html5 and third party ad tags.



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