July 22: Netflix + Microsoft Poll Results

Jul 23, 2022

Defend your opinion about the Netflix/Microsoft partnership, please.

Perfect choice. Best move they could have made.

  • Perfect Choice! - I own MSFT stock.
  • Of the choices available, Microsoft probably has the best pairing of fewer potential conflicts of interest, technological bones and scalability, and willingness and ability to customize to meet Netflix's needs.
  • No competitive conflicts on either side, this is the only partnership where that is true. Xandr was a smart buy by M$

It was a really good choice.

  • Microsoft is a "small" player in advertising but large enough that they have the relationships and staff required to turn-key an ad business. They could also be a "neutral" acquirer in the future. Look at LinkedIn vs Instagram. Which one ended up better for the founder?
  • The best option that didn't have any conflict of interest with their other business.
  • They essentially picked Xandr/AppNexus - a legit player in the space, with plenty of experience, and now the MSFT resources behind them
  • No competitive business (Google/YT, NBCU/Peacock) that will get in the way; Xandr's CTV strength during it's time with ATT/Warner; In the future, Netflix budding interest in Gaming could be a nice combo with Microsoft
  • I think other choices had too many conflicts and building it on their own would have taken too long. Best to work with someone who has the tech.

Not a good choice. Netflix could have done better.

  • Microsoft? Really? It's not 1990. [Editor: OUCH!]

Such a bad decision, Netflix should buy the rights to the movie adaptation now.

  • This deal would have been better in 2002

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