Jan 31: Magic Trick: I can explain NFTs and Blockchain to old people

articles Jan 31, 2022

Here it is:

or better yet...

Inside this envelope is a certificate that the holder owns something. That's the NFT. The envelope is blockchain. Only one person has it and you record who you got it from. That's it. 

Now in the event that you're too young to remember these envelopes and so old that you weren't born with an iPhone in your hand, you're screwed. You will never understand. Sorry.


Wordle for Ad Tech?

I need someone to divert all of their engineering/developer resources to create Wordle for Ad Tech. Three letter acronyms should keep us entertained for years! If we run out, we'll just make up new ones. ZPD or 0PD - Zero Party Data! Boom! Isn't this fun?


Let's Support the Women in Our Community!

Here are two ways to do so:

Top Women in Media & Ad Tech awards - the submission window has opened!

The Women in Programmatic Network has launched a new "Speakers List" 
If you are looking for a speaker or looking for an opportunity to speak, check it out!

Minority Report Podcast: Episode 128

In episode 128, Erik and Kerel chat with Tia Cummings-Hopkins, SVP Global Brand Marketing at Square. Tia is a strategic brand and general manager with over 17 years of post-MBA experience and a passion for building strong consumer brands. During their conversation, they discuss Tia's career journey, the importance of companies showing up true to themselves, the dilemma that black senior leaders face in the workplace, being intentional about your career, and much more. You can listen to the full podcast here

Best not to give this event the cold Boulder.

I told you there would be bad Boulder puns from now until May 1st. Here's the latest.
  • The event is invite-only, but that doesn't mean you can't raise your hand to be involved. 
  • Boulder is more than Boulder: Attendees expect some invitations to calls starting next week to discuss the agenda and organize ourselves.
  • Registration is open for those ready to buy tickets.

The Burt Intelligence First Impressions is LIVE on the site! (Finally)

All publishers are different. You have different strategies, tech stacks, organizational structures and so on … this is not breaking news.

But we’re also all subject to the same challenges – ever-changing best practices, regulatory shifts and rapidly evolving technologies. This is exactly why comparing notes as publishers is so valuable. You have so much to learn from each other. 

With this in mind, we are conducting our Revenue Ops Barometer survey

It’s an ongoing research study that is specifically targeting what you live and breathe every single day – publisher revenue operations – and it is the largest and most comprehensive of its kind.

In order to understand the true state of revenue and ad operations however, we need to hear from you. Click here to take the survey. It takes less than 12 minutes to complete.

You will get a copy when it’s complete.

HTL Debug

We love tools to help ad ops people, especially when they are free and public. We're big fans of HTL Debug and it no longer requires filling out a form to use. You can get it from the Chrome web store.

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VP, Business Operations - ViacomCBS - New York, NY
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Sales Engineer - 1plusX - New York, NY
Data Engineer - G/O Media - New York, NY
Director of Digital Operations - Northstar Travel Group - Hybrid / Secaucus, NJ
Inventory Manager - Manager, Marketing Operations - Walmart Connect - San Bruno, CA
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New York based. Experience in agency, publisher, programmatic worlds with an interest in CTV & Site tagging. Looking for Senior manager/associate director roles/director roles.

Los Angeles based senior sales leader has built and/or led existing digital media/SaaS sales teams for startups and market leaders alike. Looking to get back into a FTE role and provide senior executive leadership as well as revenue and product strategy for this next opportunity.

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February 28 - March 1 at 3:00 p.m. - RampUp 2022

March 6-8 - 12th Annual LOAC 2022 Local Advertising Conference
March 6-8 - Borrell Miami 2022
March 6-9 - AdMonsters Pub Forum St. Petersburg
March 7-10 - TV & Video Insider Summit
March 11-20 - SXSW Conference
April 5-7 at 2:00 p.m. PST - Digiday Media Buying Summit

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