Jan 24th: I say no party at ground zero party data.

articles Jan 24, 2022

If "party at ground zero" isn't a reference you get, hop over here and educate yourself:

Bonus points if you can imagine a very much younger version of me losing my mind to this song on the dance floor.

Why are you talking about Fishbone?

I'm not. I'm talking about so-called Zero Party Data. Lynne Johnson (AdMonsters) and I are having a light-hearted debate about whether it's a thing or not. I concede that there are multiple types of first party data. However, my two arguments are this:

1. Do we really need another term that adds confusion to people's understanding of how all of this works? This is the term we need? 
  • are all privacy policies and regulations going to have to be updated to reference zero-party data? Is it that much of a thing?
  • do I really have to explain to a client, "no, sorry - that's ZERO party data. You don't get it." If Facebook/Google start saying zero party data, maybe I might have to play along, but I don't want to confuse my clients.
  • If a marketer offers me their zero party data to use in a campaign on my site, is that 2nd party zero party data? If I combine that with my first party data and maybe some third party data, where do I put the decimal point? Is this what they call "new math"?

2. Let's look at how grammatical tenses are organized in English: 
  • First person includes the speaker (English: I, we, me, and us), 
  • Second person is the person or people spoken to (English: you),
  • Third person includes all that are not listed above (English: he, she, it, they, etc.)

There is a concept of "zero person" and "fourth person" tenses, but it doesn't translate well. Zero party data is a subset of 1st party data, so is zero person a part of a person?

This prompted a billion dollar idea!
With this one tweet, I'm proud to announce that I've been offered a -$500,000 investment! Our focus: we target based on data users don't share with us and just keep in their heads.

My point (yes, I do sometimes attempt to make one):

There is no doubt that companies will have to differentiate their offerings from others. Y'all want to use this term, I will eventually cave. However as we'll be discussing more and more this year: all of this lingo our industry invents is not leading to results. We need to grow up*.

Let me know if you agree. Happy to collect your zero party thoughts on the matter.

*(The industry needs to grow up. As this overdone rant shows, do as I say, not as I do.)

In episode 127 Erik and Kerel chat with Di Ciruolo, Head of Inclusion at Jambb. Di is a Boston-based Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) leader in tech with 10 years experience in People Ops and 5+ years in DEIB specifically. 

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