Imposter Syndrome...let's talk about it

career advancement Feb 14, 2021

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Feeling like a fraud? Afraid someone might figure out that you don't know what you're doing? Do you chalk your success up to luck? You might be suffering from a bout of Imposter Syndrome!

Melissa Chapman, in conversation with Theresa Smith, unpacked that pesky affliction and discussed strategies to help you deal with, move past, and even overcome Imposter Syndrome.

Here are the highlights. Tune into the recording for the full conversation! 

  • 70% of people get imposter syndrome!
  • Imposter Syndrome is more elevated:
    • When looking for a job
    • Review time
    • Especially after a job loss
  • Even for a good marketer, branding yourself is hard.
  • Practice, practice, practice.
    • Introducing yourself.
    • Articulating who you are, what you do (elevator length and cocktail party length), and your super powers.
    • Negotiating salary at a current or potential employer.
    • Big presentations.
  • Need a hack for your imposter syndrome
    • Strengths list – make your list, switch with a friend/partner and each of you add to the other.
    • Accomplishments list – make your list. Helps with job search, promotion, review time.
    • Create a “imposter syndrome” committee – include folks that know your work, you trust and respect. People that can give you feedback when you have imposter syndrome. Mentors, prior bosses, prior employees, peers that you work or worked with.
    • Self talk.
    • Check out the LinkedIn section of Skills & Endorsements. It’s a boost.
    • Have a something that  you can use to remind yourself of what you are good at. (a podcaster with a “Use Your Voice” necklace)
    • Breathing exercises.
    • Make a power playlist, listen to it when before an event.
    • Get your game outfit on.
    • Power poses.

Theresa Smith, Founder, The LeaderSmith
Theresa is a leadership development consultant who helps high achievers uncover their unique strengths, talents and abilities, and shed their limiting beliefs so they can become purpose-led leaders.
Theresa has over 25 years of experience in leadership including 20+ years of experience in digital media and advertising. Theresa's passion for people development and her belief that personal development IS professional development are at the core of her work.
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: iamtheresasmith

Melissa Chapman, Founder, Part Two Consulting & Beeler.Tech Collaborator
Melissa Chapman's career focus has been digital operations excellence for media organizations. Developing and growing teams, developing and optimizing processes and best practices, creating environments where team members are empowered, do great work and many describe as "the best job they ever had."
In 2019, she launched her consultancy to allow her to leverage her skills to help more organizations.
Melissa is well known in the media operations community, where she is passionate about bringing parties together for intimate honest conversations and useful interactions, that benefit all involved. She wants bring more diversity to our industry, help people progress in their careers, and encourage ad tech to mature in a efficient and responsible way.
Email: [email protected]

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