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first impressions Feb 06, 2021

Did the December Google Search update hit you? You don’t control what Google and Facebook algorithm updates can do to your site traffic. But you can maximize your existing site visitors, this is what iZooto helps publishers with. Convert your fly-by visitors to push notification subscribers, and engage them with new content. Drive your readers back to your site - more sessions, more page views, and more revenue.

Publishers need to know more about their readers. IZooto is the first step towards that.

Publishers: Log in and go to one of these links:

Solution Providers: Get your product seen in the way publishers want to see them: First Impressions. Your potential clients want to know what your product does. They want to see it in action. First Impressions recordings are housed on Beeler.Tech in a secure library. We control who has access to the recordings – only prospective clients can see your videos. Your competitors won't have access. That is unless you don’t care. At that point, we’ll work with you to market the demo to the world.

Every time we add a new recording and market it, all the existing recordings benefit. It gives Beeler.Tech a way to continually get your product and name in front of prospects.

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