First Impressions - DanAds

first impressions Jul 02, 2021

DanAds is the provider of customized self-serve ad platforms. They’ve built them for streaming services like SoundCloud, travel platforms like Tripadvisor and Expedia Group, and for large traditional publishers like Hearst Magazines, Bloomberg Media, and Mail Metro Media. They have market-leading insight into the immediate and long-term benefits of self-serve ad platforms. 

Whether you are looking to streamline your Ad Operations, capture the spend of your long-tail advertisers, open up a new revenue stream or simply create a client portal for all your advertisers to use, DanAds are the ones to talk to.

Publishers, to access the First Impressions for DanAds, log in and go to this link. Need an account? Create one.

First Impressions is a library of ad tech demonstration videos. Beeler.Tech walks through a company's product or service so you can see it in action. 

Our Goal: Educate potential buyers of product and service features. In the process, we hope to speed up the buying decision process for all parties.


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