FatTail AdBook Portal - First Impressions Demo

fattail first impressions Oct 22, 2021


FatTail AdBookPortal First Impressions Demo

AdBookPortal is the newest extension to the AdBook+ platform, furthering FatTail’s capabilities and commitment to help Publishers reduce transactional friction and enable new revenue streams. Learn how AdBookPortal helps empower your advertisers and teams with a fresh new take on self-service.

 To schedule a demo or learn more, please contact [email protected] or contact us for an introduction at [email protected]


Publishers, to access the First Impressions for FatTail, log in and go to this link. Need an account? Create one.

First Impressions is a library of ad tech demonstration videos. Beeler.Tech walks through a company's product or service so you can see it in action. 

Our Goal: Educate potential buyers of product and service features. In the process, we hope to speed up the buying decision process for all parties.

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