August 15: Excel World Champs have nothing on AdOps

Aug 15, 2022
How is it that I’m only now learning about the World Excel Championships? I’ll admit I watched for a bit, admiring all the MOD and INDEX functions flying around. I’m not embarrassed to say that I yelled, “VLOOKUP, you chump? XLOOKUP that shit!” Hey, I like competition in any form.

But I gotta tell you that as good as they are, I’d love to see them resolve discrepancies between 1p and 3p campaign data when the 3p creatives are used in multiple line items that bill at different amounts. I think if y’all entered this event, you’d crush them.

Which gives me an idea: should we have an Excel-off competition? James Strang – think you can cook up some problems for people to solve?

Sit by and watch or weigh in

Just because the depreciation of 3rd-party cookies has been delayed, it does NOT mean that important decisions about what comes next aren’t happening. There are active conversations going on at Prebid, W3C, the IAB Tech Lab, and other places that need your input. Case in point:

First Party Sets are still actively being discussed on Github and it needs people to participate in how it develops. First, make sure you know what First Party Sets are. Here’s an explanation. Now as part of the latest iteration of the proposal, a numerical limit of the number of 3 domains can be associated.

Is 3 the right number? Here’s the thing: the people developing First Party Sets put that forward with the hopes that people who understand what this technology can do will weigh in and help set the number or propose alternatives. So, here’s what you’re going to do. Get a GitHub account. Easy-peasy. Go to this page and comment. How many domains would you like to see tied together with First Party Sets? Do you think there might be a better way? Contribute.

And for God’s sake, get someone from your team to join the Private Advertising Technology Community Group

FYI, Xandr just did some tests on Topics. You might want to see what they learned.

I really don’t want to write an article in the future about how we let the opportunity to help create a better ecosystem slip by. Keep your head in the game and contribute!

We’re thinking about you, Freddie

If you know Freddie Godfrey, Co-Founder & CEO of Origin Media, you know about his energy and you’ve probably heard about what happened to him. Well, his energy isn’t going to keep him down for long. We’re thinking about you, Freddie – get well.

Headed to AdMonsters Pub Forum?​

Rob and Melissa will be at this week’s AdMonsters Publisher Forum in Montreal. If you’re attending, let us know so we can catch up in real life.

Salary Survey…you’ve been waiting…​

The findings from our Q3 2022 Salary Survey are being published on August 22. We think you'll find this report useful.
On August 30 at 12 p.m. EDT, we’re hosting a discussion to talk about the survey results and to hear from you on what would make the salary survey report more useful to you as an individual or a manager. We want to make sure you are successful and want to know what tools you need to achieve your goals.

Register here!

Mentorship Program

We will be hosting a kickoff call for the program on Thursday, September 8 at noon EDT, exclusively for members of the 2022 Mentorship Cohort. We are working on matching mentors and mentees. Look for your connection email in early September.

If you have any questions or comments you want to share in advance; please email [email protected]

Register here!

What would happen if Google was broken up?​

Alphabet’s Google made the news last month, offering concessions to ward off a potential U.S. antitrust lawsuit targeting its ad-tech business. Publishing executives maintain that Google’s power and position cut into their revenue for digital advertising. There have been lots of predictions since the WSJ story broke about how our business could change if Google is broken up due to impending regulation. We’d love to hear from this community: What would happen if Google broke up?

Share your thoughts with us and we’ll share back what we hear.

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