Beeler.Tech supports the TD Foundation

merchandise May 31, 2021

Special Announcement: 100% of proceeds from the Beeler.Tech store are going to the TD Foundation from now until the end of June*! Help support veterans in time for Memorial Day. 

The TD Foundation is a 100% volunteer organization that provides aid to children of wounded warriors and fallen heroes. They help American Veterans’ families in crisis. I asked Tom Deierlein if we could design shirts, hats with his logo and he loved the idea.  Anything you buy - TD Foundation or Beeler.Tech from now until June 30th - 100% goes to the TD Foundation. If you like the design but want it on a water bottle, a sticker or anything – say the word and we'll do our best to add it to the store. 

*After June 30th, anything related to the TD Foundation is still 100% going to the TD Foundation. However, we're hoping to work with other charities and causes which we'll add into the mix.

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