Beeler.Tech Newsletter for June 1st, 2021

May 31, 2021

The first usage of MDW I saw was from someone in the industry and I thought I was going to lose it until I figured out what it meant.

I hope all of you were able to enjoy your MDW, have some BBQ maybe LOL IRL with friends and family. YOLO, right?


I don't even know where to start, but if you check out my twitter feed, you'll see Don Marti smack me down with this:

Turns out I'm the guy on the left! What the Hell? Anyway, lesson learned: my twitter game is weak, especially when it comes to explaining identity solutions.

Speaking on Identity Central, I made a number of updates this weekend. I'd say about 10 added resources. Unfortunately I lost the list of changes. It's freaking amateur hour over here. Anyway, feel free to recommend resources for Identity Central. ‚Äč


Supporting the TD Foundation Update: We've got your Six

  • Yesterday was my birthday, so you have to buy something. I think it's a law.
  • The store is starting to look like a store! Check it out!
  • We were missing a golf shirt and have now added it. All because someone asked for it!
  • TOTAL TO DATE: $793.25 <--- let's triple that number. !00% of anything purchased in the store (Beeler.Tech or TD Foundation) goes to this cause.


Inside the Decision - Selecting a Monetization Platform - June 15th @ 12pm ET - Register Now!

On Tuesday, June 15, Zeus Technology & Beeler.Tech will present the next event in our Publisher Roundtable Series: Inside the Decision - Selecting a Monetization Platform. As a publisher, can you reduce ad load, make your pages faster, and make more money? The answer is yes, and we’ll tell you how.
At this event, which will be livestreamed from Washington, D.C., you’ll learn why you need a platform built with both a header bidder and an ad rendering engine. The best and brightest programmatic media experts will explain how the right monetization platform can dramatically transform a publisher’s entire digital ecosystem.

This will be a publisher only session. Panelists to be announced over social media over the course of the week. Register Today!

Partners: Week 19 of In View has been posted. Log in to Beeler.Tech to see.

(reply if you want to know what "In View" means)


Slack Convos with Publishers on Beeler.Tech

  • Google Interstitials
  • SKAdNetwork
  • Ads when at low battery
  • URP/floor analysis and pricing recommendations

If you're a publisher, it's not too late to join the conversation. DM for details! Note: partners get a summary of these discussions. Become a partner.

Giving credit where credit is due: Great Content We Liked this Week

Beeler.Tech Virtual Happy Hour - the one where people were on boats

Just a typical happy hour: rescue dogs, people on the move, industry stuff & rescue dogs!

Registration is open for Q2 dates. Yes, we're still going!

Word of the week: Lymphatic

Events coming up

(all times ET unless otherwise noted)

This is just a sample of our full list. Email us at [email protected] to add your events.


New Whisper of a JOB (reply to this email or email [email protected] for more info) 

(jobs/gigs that we don't have a link for but know are out there. - email us for details)

  • Very small start-up in the advertising space looking for a rock-star marketer. Need both strategy and hands-on, along with knowledge of MarTech solutions. Comfortable making the call and following through on the implementation. Brings creative solutions and comfortable with and helps drive strategic change in direction.

Job Listings - Let's get these jobs filled!


Job Seekers – help them find their next big break!

If you are actively looking for a new gig, we should have you in our job seekers section! But for those of you just thinking about your next move, the job seeker’s post allows you to gather and share your thoughts on what you want your next move to be. It can open up conversations and help you get a feel for the market. Take a look at the postings, write something up and send it to us. Nicholas will find you a snazzy graphic, post your description to the site and then promote on social. Let us help you!

Job Seeker #48: Proven sales leader who spent the last ten years working across the full spectrum of the ad tech ecosystem. Experience on the buy and sell side focusing on media, saas and data sales. They are a charismatic, open-minded person who excels in a fast-paced environment. Relationship building, customer service, perseverance and leadership have allowed them to assume dynamic roles from large holding companies such as Publicis Groupe & GroupM to tech savvy start-ups such as YellowHammer Media Group and PulsePoint.

If you are looking to fill an open role, review our job seekers, we may have the perfect person for you. Send us a note and we’ll make the introduction!

Final Thoughts? Not this week.

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