Beeler.Cast Episode 205: Judy Shapiro on the Collapse of the Ad Tech Surveillance Economy

beeler.cast podcast Feb 14, 2022

The Collapse of the Ad Tech Surveillance Economy with Judy Shapiro.

Judy Shapiro has had a distinguished career working both the agency side (NWAyer) and client side (AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs, Phillips, Paltalk and CA) where she became an early advocate of advertising technology.

By 2011, Judy could see the opportunity of digital marketing and she decided to start her own ad tech venture, engageSimply; an acquisition marketing firm that uses artificial intelligence to precisely identify, access, and buy the topics a brand should invest in to drive sustainable acquisition.

During this time, Judy was a regular contributor and speaker at industry venues including AdAge, 4A’s, Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur aimed at inspiring her colleagues to embrace ad tech’s potential. While at the same time educating marketers about ad tech’s dark side where algorithms trump intuition and platforms overshadow people. In 2017 and 2018, engageSimply was awarded “Top 10 Content Marketing Solution” from Marketing Tech Insight.


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