Beeler.Brief - What the Privacy Sandbox Doesn't Do

beeler.brief Jul 27, 2021

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A couple of comments from publishers in recent months about the deprecation of 3rd party cookies that are worth noting:
  • The Privacy Sandbox doesn't solve for all browsers which makes all of this more difficult.
  • It doesn't equal the playing field for publishers. Programmatic has been bad for publishers and the privacy sandbox isn't helping.
To the first point about not solving for all browsers. First, other browsers could adopt the privacy sandbox. It's up to the other browsers. Google can't change Safari, all they can do is propose something that works on Chrome and can work on other browsers if they choose to play.
The fragmentation between by browsers is something that exists today. Who doesn't think of their Safari inventory as different than Chrome? The question to ask a publisher, would I prefer a browser that supports FLoC over one that supports nothing? Seems to me that if we want consistency across browsers, we need to speak up.
2nd point about the unevenness of the playing field for publishers. The purpose of the privacy sandbox is to reimagine a privacy safe environment for users that supports advertising. It's not trying to redo programmatic. It will, however, change programmatic and that's the part where publishers need to step up. If your perception is that programmatic takes from publishers more than it gives, now is the opportunity to shift that balance. Instead of giving data away for free, hold it back. Make people come to you. Hard to do? Yes! Should you do it? Yes!
What do you think? Happy to stand corrected, happy to hear your take.
Beeler Out.

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